3 Fun Ideas for Throwing Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

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It is coming to that time of year, one of the most competitive days of the year for parents. No, it is not a championship game for one of your child’s sports teams, it is not a competition at school, it is your child’s upcoming birthday party. Before your child enters primary school, birthday parties are easy. You can arrange them around the family. This is because your child is not socializing with large groups of kids that anticipate a birthday party like school-aged kids do. That is why this article will have suggestions for fun birthday parties that have some uniqueness so your child’s birthday party is remembered at the end of the year when kids and their parents reflect back on all of the birthday parties from the past year.

For children that are in grades kindergarten through fifth grade, prefer a carnival themed birthday party. This can start with hiring a magician to be the entertainment at the child’s birthday party. Prepare various carnival foods for the food at the party. These can start with basics such as hamburgers and hot dogs. To make it unique, corn dogs are an option. To go along with the cake, purchase or prepare carnival foods such as funnel cake, deep fried candy bars, or traditional cake.

In addition to the magician, carnival-themed games will provide additional entertainment. Just to name a few of these games you can create as parent, the list includes: balloon dart games, knocking down cans with baseballs, hitting targets at various distance for points and bowling games. Award tickets to each child based on his score for each game. At the end of the party the kids can trade their tickets in for various party favor gifts Ideas for those party favors include: candy, collectible card packs, small toys and gift cards.

When children enter middle school, they want a little more independence. As a parent when you create a birthday party idea for your children, include a little independence in the theme of the party. Center your child’s birthday party entertainment around an activity such as a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items that can be found in your neighborhood. Ask your neighbors to participate as well. Another option is to have it at a local mall with a list of low priced or even free items to get from the stores at the mall If driving is necessary, ask for parents to volunteer to help.

Items for the list can include menus from restaurants, flyers from stores, a $1 gift card from a store, balloons, etc. Each will have points assigned and the team with the most points wins, with a point penalty assigned for finishing late. Party favors could include a low value gift card from a local store that focuses on teenagers. Even though the even would be timed, teams can finish early, so pizza would be a convenient food choice, or ordering from the food court at the mall if the event is held at the mall.

The final suggestion for birthday parties is for high school students. Many high school students may feel birthday parties are childish, so choose a theme such as a “Casino Night” party that makes them feel mature. Play money can be given to each guest as they arrive. Host games such as poker, craps, and blackjack. At the end of the party hold an auction for party favors, during which the guests bid for the party favors with their remaining money. Offer an assortment of appetizers for the guests to enjoy while playing as the food choice.

Birthday parties do not have to be expensive. They don’t have to be purchased from a party organizer Instead, with a little bit of creativity and planning your child’s party will be memorable and unique. Hosting a unique birthday party for your child might even set the foundation for him to do the same for his child in the future.

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