3 Instant Benefits of Having Your Crawlspace Properly Insulated

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A crawlspace under the home doesn’t even seem like part of the property. Since most homeowners don’t really use their crawlspace for anything, they simply see it as extra unnecessary space. If the crawlspace doesn’t present any hazard, a homeowner might simply forget about it. And this is where homeowners find themselves getting into trouble. A crawlspace is part of a home and must be cared for. Neglect in any form creates potential problems. One form neglects takes entails not properly insulating the crawlspace.

Since a crawlspace does not reflect an area of the home people occupy, the idea of insulating the section seems strange. However, once you look at all the reasons for requesting insulation work, you realize that a properly insulated crawlspace contributes various benefits to the occupied sections of the property.

Insulation Keeps Costs Down


If a crawlspace is not insulated, then it could presents portals for cold air to impact the rest of the house. Drafts may emerge from imperfections and sleight holes in the crawlspace. Even a slight amount of cold air can bring down the temperatures inside a home significantly. Certainly, the interior of the home won’t be comfortable in the winter months due to these heavy drafts.

And then there are expenses related to the drafts. A budget could be impacted tremendously when energy costs rise due to a furnace’s attempts to keep up with the crawlspace-induced cold.

Even when the crawlspace doesn’t have holes or other imperfections, the cold air entering the crawlspace has an effect on its ceiling. The ceiling of the crawlspace is also the floor of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas on the first level. A cold floor also affects the temperature inside the home creating another issue raising energy bills. Insulating the crawlspace could eradicate cold floors and all the troubles that go with them.

Insulation Keeps Pipes from Freezing


Plumbing often runs through the crawlspace of a home. Without proper insulation acting as a buffer, the pipes may be exposed to the freezing temperatures. This would present a disastrous effect on the water in the pipes. Namely, the pipes run the risk of freezing.

Among the most disastrous scenarios in a home would be a pipe freezing and breaking. During frigid weather, the water in a pipe may turn to ice and expand. The expansion may outright shatter a copper or other type of pipe. Once the pipe burst, the pressurized water flows at an alarming rate. Gallons upon gallons of water pour out every hour until the primary or secondary shutoff valves are turned off. If no one is home when the pipe bursts, the delays could lead to massive water damage in the home. Insurance might not even cover the loss.

Several preventive measures must be taken in order to keep pipes from freezing. Among those steps would be to install the proper amounts of insulation wherever risks exist. Insulations may only be one component to the process of protecting a pipe from freezing, but it could play a vital role. That role may reduce the chances of serious damage and all the resultant costly repairs.

Insulation May Keep Pests Out


A crawlspace can become an inviting home to rats, mice, and other pests. Even more appealing to these creatures would be the inside of the house itself. Entering through any available openings becomes a means in which the creatures breach entry. Insulating a crawlspace could provide a necessary barrier to make things more difficult.

Additional steps may be required in order to pest-proof a home or crawlspace. No method can be considered completely perfect. Insulation, however, could help the cause by covering up openings.

Starting the Work


Waiting until the arrival of winter before requesting insulation work probably won’t be the best strategy. In the spring or summer, take steps to acquire estimates and launch the work. The fall might seem like the best time, but contractors may be overwhelmed with work requests. Try to plan the job in advance of the busy months.

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