3 Surprising Benefits of Having Clothes Suits Professionally Tailored

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You probably already know that tailored clothes will fit you better. That’s the most obvious benefit of getting an outfit tailor made and probably everyone knows that. 

You may even know that the better fit will help you feel more physically and psychologically comfortable in your clothing. This can help you feel more confident and read as more upper class, which can open doors professionally and in other ways. 

But there are other benefits to getting tailor made clothing. Some of them may surprise you. 

1. It can save you time.
Shopping can be pretty hit or miss. You can spend hours scouring the stores for just the right look for you. There is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for. Maybe what you have in mind was available last year, but now it has gone out of style and designers are into something else and that seemingly staple item is nowhere to be found. 

If you work with a tailor regularly, you may need to stop by to get your measurements checked and to let them know what you have in mind, but you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right thing. You tell them what you want and they make it. It can take up a great deal less of your time than shopping for clothes. 

If you love shopping, you may not care. But if you hate shopping or just have a busy schedule, this can be a terrific reason to work with a tailor. 

2. It’s a good way to accommodate various special needs.
If you have allergies or chemical sensitivities, shopping can be a horrible nightmare that leaves you feeling sick afterwards. If you are allergic to wool, you may not know that sweater contains wool until after you touched it to check the label. The dyes in clothes and dust in clothing stores can trigger bad reactions in various people. 

If you are ASD, one recommended coping mechanism is to borrow a strategy from Einstein and dress more or less the same every day. Trying on clothes can be a huge problem for people who are ASD or have sensory issues for some other reason. 

Getting it tailor made can sidestep all those issues. You can just the let the tailor know in advance that you are allergic to wool. Or you can ask them to make you several items from the same pattern, possibly varying the color, but using similar material, so they feel about the same. This can allow you to dress well in spite of having some sort of issue that has a long history of making clothes shopping a nightmare and causing your wardrobe to remain second rate because you just cannot deal. 

If you have any personal issues — and who doesn’t have something going on? — and you just find clothes frustrating, that’s a good reason to get with a tailor and see what they can do for you. Who knows? It may even save you money on therapy. Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s your clothes. 

3. Professionally tailored clothing lasts longer.
Tailored clothing is an excellent long term investment because tailored clothing tends to stick around for years. This is in part because it simply fits better, which puts less stress on the fabric and seams. But it is also in part because it’s straight up made better. 

Tailor made clothes has sturdier seams than most off the rack items. They choose quality materials and use high quality construction methods. 

The fact that they last longer feeds back into to the two points above: Clothes that last longer saves you time on shopping for new clothes and they become favorites you are comfortable in. This also saves you money. Although tailored clothing is perceived as expensive, the reality is that the per wear cost may be lower than off the rack items that fall apart after a few wearings and have to be replaced. 

If you aren’t happy with your relationship to your wardrobe, consider getting professional help. Consider seeing a tailor and finding out what a wardrobe professional can do to enhance your relationship to clothing.

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