3 Ways Single Point Watering Will Save You Money

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A single point watering system comes in the form of a kit that contains automatic shut-off valves. These are connected to tubing thereby replacing the traditional caps on a battery. A coupling connects to a water supply so that water flows into each battery cell until the correct level is reached. These could be used in a variety of different lead-acid battery designs that are used for autos, RVs, golf carts and in manufacturing.
Lead-acid batteries were invented in 1859 by the French physicist Gaston Planté. Today they are still the most widely used kind of rechargeable battery.

Not only are single point watering systems functionally more efficient, they can save you money in a few different ways. This brief article will discuss three such cost justifications.

Proper battery maintenance improves performance and battery life

This is important for companies that are aiming to increase productivity by using fully charged batteries. This enables managers to keep vehicles (a fleet of fork lifts, for example) up and running as productively as possible. Properly maintained batteries last longer, as well. So, companies can spend less on replacement batteries and instead spend this money on more important purchases.

Lower labor costs

Some companies might look at other methods as being less expensive, such as hand-filling the batteries with watering guns. This is really short term thinking. If you are looking at filling and maintaining more than one or two batteries, this is time and money wasted. Let’s use an example. Say you have an employee who earns $20 per hour and they are given the job to fill a 36 volt forklift battery. This will take this technician, on average, ten minutes to complete this job with a watering gun. This equates to paying this employee $3.33 to do this job. If this same employee is tasked with watering the same battery with a single point system installed on it, the job would take only two minutes. So, this technician is now being paid only $0.66 for the job, thereby saving your company $2.67 in labor costs per battery.

For a large fleet of vehicles, maintenance technicians can spend quite a bit of time on checking and filling the lead-acid batteries. This is often complicated by the fact that the batteries are difficult to access. Not to mention, this is time taken away from other more productive jobs that this technician could be doing. The cost savings in the long run using a single point watering system could therefore be quite significant.

Improved production schedules

The last thing a company wants to see is equipment failures that can slow down production or even bring it to a standstill. In an environment where workers have a hard time accessing the lead-acid batteries in the equipment, the chance increases that basic maintenance inspection tasks will not get done in a timely and regular manner. The money savings here to be found for the company are twofold. Unnecessary production lapses are avoided and costs of ad hoc repairs are not incurred. With a smooth, trouble free production environment, output is increased and more profits realized.

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