4 Areas to Check on Your Electrical Bill

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Bills make part of our day to day lives. Whether it is a gas bill, a water bill or an electricity bill, one has to pay for these resources before using them. A considerable number of people are used to merely checking the digits at the bottom of the mail and paying this amount. Fortunately or unfortunately some end up paying a lesser amount of money than required or paying in excess. In the following article areas to check on your electrical bill are highlighted.

Account Details


Account details¬†entail the account number, meter number and amount due for payment. Depending on the power company, some bills also contain the electric meter number in this segment. The account number helps the payer in paying costs for the right electricity account. Thus eventually reducing the probability of one paying a bill considered to be another consumer’s.Under the amount due segment, details of the exact amount to be paid .it is also worth noting that if an individual has an excess payment for the previous bill, then this amount will be carried forward to the next period. In case of a lesser amount, the remainder is also taken forward to the next period. Both of these adjustments form part of the account summary.

Most service providers denote the meter number as NMI (National Meter Identifier).Every consumer owns a specific unique NMI that is used by the electricity distributor to identify customers. The number of NMI in your bill is determinant on the number of meters that one owns.

An essential part to always check is the account details is the address. Both the address of the sender and the customer are imperative .there have been many cases of mistaken addresses .thus it is crucial to ensure that indeed the bill belongs to you.

The Summary Of Payments


Under this segment, a detailed summary of how the money that will be paid is to be distributed is written. These details include; the tax charges, discounts, usage and supply charges and rates. Tax charges are amounts paid to the government by the electricity distributor for services they offer. A discount is when part of the money one is meant to pay is removed from the amount due. Cuts happen when one deposits money for a bill on time. Usage and supply charges are the prices that the electricity retailers and distributor charge for the service that they provide to the customer. These costs vary depending on the service provider.

Payment slip is also usually included .the payment slip shows the final charges that a customer owes.

Meter Reading


The bill will show the basis of the meter reading and schedule of the readings. One should pay a vital interest on the table for the reading to ensure that there are real observations and marking of the metre.Most electricity distributors always state an exact date. The mode of the read can be both actual or estimated where the previous entails a physical visit to the customer, and the latter is a rough estimate of consumption. These amounts also help one know the billing period basing on the dates stated. Most companies indicate their Measurements as kWh (Kilowatt hours).In recent times, many corporations seem to compare usage of electricity. A graphical representation is used in the comparison. One can know how much the surrounding households similar to them use within a given amount of period.

Contact Details


Are the distributor and retailer’s contacts. Details may include; a phone number, email or a social media account. These contact details are meant to be used for emergencies or for making enquiries regarding power issues.

Aside from the above-highlighted areas, individuals should also take time to always check on all pages of the bill. A full check of all pages will enable easy noticing of any variations in charges.In most cases, the costs appear with other expenses and are therefore reasonably challenging to note but with a keen look are notifiable.Most service providers have online platforms which are useful for regular updates regarding power. Moreover, it is advisable to pay frequent visits to the service provider for further explanations regarding any changes.

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