4 Common Issues when Building a Home

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Building a custom home is something that you may have been dreaming about for years. This is a huge project that you understandably have high expectations for. However, this project often is not completed without at least a few hiccups. Some bumps in the road can be mitigated when you are aware of their possibility upfront. With this in mind, these are some of the more common issues that you may run into as you proceed through the home-building process.

Running Out of Cash

When you work with a skilled, experienced general contractor, he or she generally will create a detailed home construction budget that is reasonable given the scope of your project. It typically will include a contingency fund to cover unexpected events and situations, but this fund is limited. Some instances when your contractor may need to dip into this fund are when weather damages some of the building supplies, when you change your mind about materials or when items are stolen from the site. When your contingency fund is insufficient to cover all of these or other items, you may need to find additional cash to keep your project on schedule. Otherwise, you may need to scale back the scope of your project. One way to do this is to choose more affordable materials than what you have already selected. 

Choosing a Bad Location

Another issue relates to property location. The location that you select can impact the availability of utilities, how much subcontractors will charge to work on your project, how much excavation work costs and more. In some cases, issues with the location are difficult to determine upfront. For example, the excavation crew may uncover a huge nest of rodents or insects after digging into the ground. This understandably would need to be addressed before the construction work can continue. Your general contractor may offer insights if you include him or her in the land selection process.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Your general contractor is responsible for coordinating the entire construction project. This includes identifying the best subcontractors to hire, engaging their services, coordinating schedules with various contractors, managing the budget and even ensuring the high quality of work completed. This individual also works closely with inspectors and other government officials as needed to ensure that your project is completed quickly and without hassle. The right individual for the job is someone who is detail-oriented, very experienced, and has the right tools in place to get the job done. Thoroughly compare qualifications of general contractors before engaging services. 

Weather-Related Delays

Once the exterior of the home is built and the space is weatherproof, weather-related delays are minimal. Subcontractors can easily install flooring, cabinetry and other items in the home regardless of weather conditions. However, until the home reaches this stage, rain, snow, ice and other conditions can result in serious delays. Bad weather can strike in any location throughout the year, but severe weather may be more common during specific seasons in your area. When possible, it may be advantageous to delay the start of your project so that you can avoid these types of construction delays. Your general contractor can provide you with detailed information about how this relates to your project based on his or her professional experiences. 

Your new home may currently be a vision that you are focusing intently on, but it can be a reality within a few months in many cases. If you are ready to move forward with your home construction project, consider how these issues may impact your project. Identify effective ways to mitigate these challenges. By doing so, you may progress more quickly and easily through the construction process while achieving the end result that you desire. 

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