4 Important Ways Coding can Help Your Business

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Programming and coding used to be a skill set left for certain members of a company’s team or for the IT department. These days, things are starting to change and there is an increase in expectations from all team members and end users. The ability to add code or change issues on the backend can be an essential skill for anyone in your company to learn. 

Everyone from your executives and freelance writers to your tech support can benefit from learning how to code and program. Below are some great reasons learning to code can be beneficial for your employees and your business.

The High Value Of Coding Skills

Offering the ability for all of your team members to learn coding and programming can not only help your IT team, but it can also help enhance each of your employee’s careers. Your business will benefit and each person will become a more valuable asset in their career fields. It is no surprise that most jobs are becoming more technical and requiring each employee to have some level of coding or programming skills. This necessity even includes writers, marketers and graphic designers. All of these team members can take on more tasks if they have some knowledge of coding. 

More job recruiters are noting that applicants with coding skills will be a top priority for receiving the job. Having this skill set also gives employees a better chance of receiving a promotion or obtaining a raise. As more jobs become automated because of the advancements in technology, skills such as programming and coding can prevent you from losing your job.

Improves Collaboration and Communication

For employees in non-tech positions, learning a bit of coding can help them collaborate and communicate easier with their tech team. It can allow projects to be completed much quicker and more efficiently. Even team members who are just learning a bit of coding will be able to ask their tech team questions to get their projects completed appropriately. This will make the job easier for everyone. 

The more coding everyone learns, the more detailed explanations on specific tech issues the IT department can offer. Developers are able to offer tips and suggestions to non-tech employees that they can use to practice and apply what they have learned. This level of collaboration in a company will benefit all members of the team.

Better Customer Experience

Many companies have had to deal with unhappy customers due to bugs in the system that were being delayed getting fixed by the IT department. This can greatly affect the experience customers have. When you are short on developers, the workload can get behind. The tech support team can be backlogged with simple formatting issues other areas of the team are having issues with. 

However, if employees are able to fix their own simple formatting issues because of learning code, the IT department will be able to fix more important issues much quicker. This can lead to enhanced customer experiences. In addition to this, the benefits of being able to fix simple code errors will motivate all team members to continue enhancing their programming skills.

Enhances Self-Sufficiency and Efficiency For The Company

Another great benefit of learning code is they are able to understand and then apply their new knowledge. They can use what they learn to improve many of the tools and programs they already use. As an example, many software programs are able to be changed and edited using tools such as Python or JavaScript to add additional features team members need in their folder organization structures such as spreadsheets and reports. 

This saves valuable time team members can use on more important tasks and will increase productivity and efficiency across all departments in a company. Aside from the company-wide increase in productivity, those new to programming will be able to take on tasks themselves instead of passing them on to the developer team.

Increase In Creative Thinking

It is a fact that people who are creative approach problems and ideas in a different manner than technical people. The technical approach helps raise the bar and places a need for attention to details. When this type of focus is applied to creative tasks, there will be significant improvements for non-technical areas of the business as well.

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