4 Low-Cost Gift Ideas for Your Apartment Neighbors

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Do you want to give a small Christmas gift to your apartment neighbors this holiday? it is a kind and neighborly thing to do, and its beneficial for everyone to have a good relationship with the people living next door. Giving each other small gifts is a way of saying that you are happy they are your neighbors, and they might look out for you and your apartment. It also makes it easier to give and receive favors, like taking in each other’s mail when on vacation or a weekend away. However, you don’t want to give something too big, but a little thing that shows appreciation. So what are the good ideas?

Decorative pieces

Everyone likes to make their bedroom, bath, and kitchen a cozy place. If you give something that is meant to be put on display, you can´t be too risky. What if it’s not in their taste and they feel guilty about putting it behind books in the bookshelf? Think of something that everyone will like, and that also doesn’t take up too much space. How about something useful and cute, like nice coasters? You can also try a decorative and pretty napkin holder. Make sure these are not too boring though, they must be nicely made and not your basic Ikea! Decorative and useful objects like these should come from an independent store because a mass produced napkin holder makes it seem like you got something last minute, which is the opposite of what you want in order to improve the relationships with the people living beside, over and under you.


It´s Christmas and the season of indulgence! You can never give or receive enough food of all kinds before and during Christmas. Everyone is relieved when having to cook or bake one less thing. This is especially a good idea if your neighbors have a family. They could feel overworked from all the preparations, but the last thing a parent wants is to have a minimalist Christmas celebration. You can give them cookies, jam or chocolates to take something off their hands. If you decide on cookies, these are obviously best home-made! Jams and chocolate something not many people expect anyone who is not a professional confectioner to make. Glazed almonds is also a cheap and appreciated holiday snack!


This is another thing that no-one can get enough of during the holidays. It is also something that people easily forget to buy, so this can be a helpful gift. If your neighbor is a woman, maybe she would appreciate a perfumed candle to put on the side of the bathtub while relaxing. Candles are gifts you can use for anything, and its even better if you add something to it. Candle plus a magazine? This goes perfectly in the bathroom. Candle plus chocolates? Perfect for relaxing on the couch. Candles and incense sticks can be put to use in any room in the house. Many like incense during Christmas, so try to get the kind with a Christmas-themed smell, like cinnamon for example.

Christmas decorations

This is perhaps the safest gift anyone can give. Depending on the age and interest of your neighbors, you can give them something to put on their Christmas tree, living room shelves, entrance doors, and windows! Try to imagine whether your neighbor would like something small and discrete or bright and shiny. Give something tasteful of a good material. If you are the crafty type, you can give something you made yourself. A homemade crafts gift shows appreciation through the time you spent making it. This is the best gift if you need to keep a low budget, and who doesn’t really when we all spend a lot on food and presents in December? You can buy different material and make gifts for several people, and save money. This is a very sweet thing to add to other bigger presents you are giving to people close to you than the ones in your hallway. Make sure you start this in time, it should be a fun activity and not a stress-inducer! It is even more enjoyable if you gather friends and make an evening of gift-making fun.

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