4 Major Tips To Keep In Mind When Moving

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Moving from one location to another is a process that is full of many details. Like any major task, it’s best if you break it down into smaller processes so that you can make the job easier to accomplish. Here are four major tips that will help you do this:

Starting With Logistics

When you begin your adventure, the first task that you will need to do is to rent a truck or hire a moving company. This will be depend on how much help you have. If you are planning on doing the job yourself, it’s best if you just rent a truck. However, you may not have that luxury so using a professional moving company may be your best option.

If you decide to rent a truck, look at about two or three options before you make your final decision. Typically, truck rental companies will run you through a list of options that include truck size and a number of extras. These extras include items such as a furniture pad, hand truck and even the ability to hire someone to help load and unload the vehicle.

After choosing the options that work best for you, you may be offered a protection package that covers items such as physical damage, supplemental liability, personal accident and roadside safety. If you’re going to be traveling a fair distance, you have to decide if using this insurance is a good option for you.

Eliminating Old Items

When you’re making a move, it makes it much easier if you don’t have to pack a bunch of items. Begin by going through each room and take out the items that you don’t need or use anymore. Place these unwanted items into a donation pile, recycle pile and throw away pile.

This is an excellent time to get rid of things that you really don’t need. Try to think practically and avoid becoming sentimental. Once you’ve made your piles, take them to the appropriate places where they belong. One of the best places to donate your old stuff is Goodwill.

An Essentials Bag And Packing Your Goods

You will want to have an essentials bag with you as everything will be boxed up. These items include medications, important documents, toiletries, chargers, bottled water, hand tools and a change of clothing.

When it is time to take your household items and put them into boxes, do this by going from room to room. When you reach your closet, a tip to make it easier to pack your clothes is to take them in bunches and place them into garbage bags. This will make them easier to fit into boxes.

Mark each box so that you know which room it belongs in when you reach your final destination. It’s best if you don’t worry about keeping your items together. As long as you pack everything safely, you can sort them out once you are in your new home.

If you have breakables, use items like towels or socks to wrap around them. This will help save you a few dollars on packing supplies.

Getting Help

Moving takes a lot of effort. It’s okay to ask others for help. If you have any friends, neighbors or family members that are willing to lend you a hand, it will be much easier for you to get everything done. Time-consuming tasks such as emptying out your kitchen cabinets can be done much quicker by having someone else help you. Another tip to remember when you are working in the kitchen is to line your plates vertically in a box so that they don’t get broken.

Of course, you may be moving with little time to spare. By hiring a professional moving company, you will receive the benefit of using individuals who understand how to properly pack your truck, handle doorframes and tight stairwells as well as keep your furniture safe during the period that it’s being transported.

Try to find moving companies that have reviews from other individuals who have used them in the past. It may not always be best to go with the lowest quote. A number of good reviews will indicate the professionalism of a company.

By using these tips, it will break down your move into smaller categories. This helps relieve stress and synchronize the process.

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