4 Parts Every Car Owner Should Know

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A car has a thousand parts all of them working together to make it move. Some of them are big while some are small. There are parts that are complex while some have simple designs. But they are all important in the efficient functioning of the whole car assembly. There are car parts that are combined together as assemblies and there are car parts that are individually connected to the whole. But what are the most essential car parts that play important roles in making it move? We have listed here four of the most important car parts that every car owner should know.

1) Car Engine

The engine of the car is its prime mover. Without it, the whole assembly will not move, even if all its component parts and assemblies are in tip-top shape. This is why many people consider it as the most important part of a car. Most cars are classified as internal combustion engines because their movement is caused by the explosion of fuel inside the engine’s cylinders. Car engines can be either diesel-fed or gasoline-fed. When the fuel explodes in the engine’s cylinders, direct force is applied to the pistons, or to a rotor, or to a nozzle which then turns or cranks the wheels. In effect, chemical energy is transformed into mechanical energy and the car moves.

As you drive your car through the years, the engine will deteriorate because of depreciation. As such, there will be incomplete combustion of fuel in the cylinders. The inconvenient result is the soot that you see coming from the car’s exhaust pipe which is called air pollution. That is why it is very important to tune up the engine periodically to ensure that the engine is burning the fuel efficiently if not completely.

2) Tires

According to some, the most important car parts are the tires. They could be right because even if the engine is working efficiently, if the car has no tires, it won’t be able to move an inch. They may appear to be very simple in design and operation but in reality, they are also complicated. If there are even subtle changes made in their design, the performance of individual tires will vary greatly from each other. This is the reason why there are tires designed for the pavement, tires that are for dirt roads, and tires designed for the rocks and the mountains.

Tires also factor in the safety performance of a car. You shouldn’t allow the treads of the tire to wear out too thinly. The tires with worn out treads will not be able to apply the proper grip on the road that is needed for sudden emergency brakes. It could spell the difference between a safe, clean brake and a total crash.

3) Brakes

The next most important part of a car is its brakes. It is very important that you need to check your brakes before driving your car down your driveway. Every tire in your car must have a fully functioning brake system. If only one of them is defective, you are facing the risk of an accident on the road. There will be countless of times where you need to step on the brake pedal. Each time that you do, you need to be sure that the brakes will catch and hold. When you step on the brakes, the car transmits the force to the brakes through the brake fluid. This fluid applies a greater force to the brakes than the force that you have applied to the brake pedal. That is why you also need to check the level of the brake fluid before starting your car in the morning.

It would be terrifying to realize that you have no brakes while the car is running at 60 miles per hour. What would you do if that happens? Now you understand why you need to check your brakes before driving your car down your driveway.

4) Steering

What good is power if you cannot properly steer and control its direction? This is the very important role that your steering wheel or the steering system plays every time you drive your car. By its name, it steers the direction of the car, and effectively controls the way it moves towards your chosen destination. In the past, steering a car requires effort, especially if you are driving a large truck. Nowadays, we have the convenience of power steering which provides us with feather-touch control of the car.

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