4 Reasons To Give Unexpected Gifts To Your Love

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We all may have that special someone in our lives that we want to hold and keep near to us at all times. Some of the ways we can express our love and appreciation for them can be through physical touch or kind gestures. However, a lot of people opt for the traditional gift-giving.

Usually, gifts are reserved for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or holidays. However, there is no reason that unexpected gifts can’t be given at a moment’s notice. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should shock the love of your life every once in a while. Here are four reasons why you should consider it. 

Giving Makes You Feel Good

It is a natural inclination for us to feel good when we receive things from others. Whether it is fancy items or monetary gifts, it feels good to get from others. However, it can also feel good to give back. There have actually been studies that have found that money makes you happier when you spend it right. 

There are little things in this world that can beat the expression of joy or shock when you give a gift from the heart to someone who wan’t expecting it. Sometimes, giving a gift “just because” carries a lot of weight to it. Many indiviudals who devoted money to spending on needs greater themselves feel better because they understand the impact that it can have on others. While it is okay to feel good when you get something, you may feel even greater by returning the gesture, sometimes to a greater degree. A look of happiness is all the reward you will need at that moment. 

It Shows You Care

Arguably the most important reason giving gifts out of nowhere shows that not only you are thinking about them, but that you care. If you take time out of your day to get a meaningful gift, write a note or any other heartfelt gesture, it shows that you have taken valuable time out of your day to fully evaluate what they meant to you. Stepping back, pausing and pondering on someone else can bring people closer together. This works in all kinds of relationships, no matter what the distance is. 

While you may be thinking about that special someone every day, you can take it to another level by showing that appreciation in the form of a gift or words straight from the heart. Then, they will acknowledge that you were thinking of them, and they may be encouraged to share the same attitude. Do not take the one that you loved for granted, and they will reciprocate the act in kind. 

Getting Surprised Will Make Them Feel Good

Surely you feel happy when someone surprises you from out of the blue. Studies show that the human brain is wired to enjoy rewards, especially when they are unexpected. Sometimes, it is a feeling that makes you want to jump out of your seat and give the person who gave you that gift a big hug. So imagine the joy that your loved one will feel if you give it out of the blue.

Not only is it thoughtful, but it will evoke a response of joy. It is easy to get excited for something that is expected, such as the special occassions mentioned earlier. However, if it comes on a random day of the weak without any hints, it could be something special. 

It Can Strengthen A Relationship

Relationships that last, no matter what the context, survives on honesty, integrity and trust. However, love is just as powerful a sustaining factor. Sometimes, there is no greater act of love than showing your loved one that you care with a gift. Whether the gesture is big or small, those are the acts that will be remembered. In the midst of fights, arguments or disagreements, it is the acts that show that you care and love them that can determine whether or not a relationship will last.

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