4 Reasons To Install A Water Filter In Your Home

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Regular water that enters a home isn’t filtered. This means that there are harsh contaminates in every drop of water that flows through faucets, pipes, and fixtures. If you’re thinking about buying a water filter, you should make the investment. This guide highlights four reasons why every household needs a water filter.

Better Water for Drinking and Cooking

When you drink water from a tap, it shouldn’t have a foul odor or taste. There are many things that can change basic characteristics of water. Some contaminates that cause these change can be seen, and others are somewhat invisible. The top contaminates that pollute tap water in neighborhoods and communities include

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Metals
  • Sediment

If you cook with tap water, the heat will destroy most of these contaminates. However, as contaminated water climbs to a high temperature in a crowded pot, other ingredients in the water may develop a different flavor profile, which is why you must get rid of all contaminates in advance. The best solution for this job is a water filter because it captures contaminates before water fills a pot.

Enhanced Baths and Showers

Contaminates that pollute tap water can cause health problems long after baths and showers are completed. One of the most dangerous contaminates is chlorine. If everyone in a home lathers with chlorinated tap water frequently, the following health issues may occur:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

The risks are higher when water from a shower or tub is very hot because extreme heat causes a chemical reaction. Typically, chlorinated water emits harsh gases in this state, and extended exposure can cause health problems.

A water filter for bathroom fixtures keeps residents in a home safe. No matter if your neighborhood has hard water or soft water, a filter will effectively trap chlorine and other harmful contaminates.

Appliance Perks

Major appliances that use a home’s plumbing system can damage if they constantly distribute contaminated water. For example, in a water heater, sediment will build up around the walls where water heats up. A dishwasher experiences a different problem; during wash cycles, it won’t cleanse soiled dinnerware properly because the sediment will reduce a detergent’s stain-fighting power.

When contaminated water soaks key components within major appliances, some metal surfaces will begin to degraded. Over time, any linger sediment will destroy the housing on vital hardware, and this usually leads to breakdowns. By installing a water filter, you’ll protect your appliances and save money on frequent maintenance and repairs.

A High Level of Clean

The water quality can impact how well soaps create foam and suds. When water is filtered, everything and everyone benefits from a higher level of clean. For example, if you take a shower or a bath using filtered water, your skin will feel cleaner and more hydrated. Also, when clothes are washed with filtered water in a washer, they don’t fade easily. White clothes benefit as well because they appear brighter after a wash cycle in filtered water.

These are the main reasons why a home needs a solid water filter. If you’re going to buy one, consider a whole house water filter as it provides big advantages. For example, it captures sediments and reduces contaminates that cause foul tastes and harsh odors. This type of filter connects to the main water line.

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