5 Benefits of Using Influencers to Review Your Products

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Take a moment to mull over the last purchase you made… Now, take a moment to think about how you found out about the product and what led you to make that purchase. Let’s address the how- did someone tell you about it? Did you google reviews about it to see what others had to say? Did you see someone happily using the product?

Any number of these reasons for purchasing a product is based on how you are influenced- and influence is a powerful thing! Every other year, Nielsen releases its Trust in Advertising Report. Recommendations from friends and family are always the most trusted source of information. Company websites follow closely behind and then come consumer reviews and editorials.

Before we invest in a product or service, we want proof of its quality and we typically get that proof by asking others of their experiences. In the past, we could only get this proof from word of mouth, media outlets and review sites but now anyone with a social media account can be an influencer for your brand. There are many benefits from acquiring an influencer, including:

1. They Create a Valuable Experience

Influencers will generate a valuable experience with your product or service and then share that experience with their audience. A good influencer will supply you with great content, provide you with credibility, and expose you to a new network of people. They also connect with other influencers, giving you a chance to build other relationships that will potentially be talked about on their social platforms.

2. Potential Consumers Trust Them

Influencers love to share their thoughts- that is after all what they do. After having done so with a specific audience for so long, that audience will trust what they have to say. This is important for your business because having someone talk about your business rather than having someone pitching sales is a much more personal way to advertise your products. As surprising as it is, influencers can earn the same amount of trust when it comes to recommendations as friends and family.

3. They Offer You Exposure

The beauty of an influencer is that they already have an audience. Once you hire an influencer, you immediately have access to that audience which becomes a whole host of potential customers. If they create a blog post for you, for example, they will link their audience with all the information they need to explore your website and social media accounts and this can drive up your sales. The more trusted the influencer, the more likely others will take it a step further and share that specific post themselves which extends your reach even further.

4. Cheaper than Typical Advertising

Hiring an influencer can be both an easier way of advertising your business and cost you less. With an influencer, you can work together to decide on pay rates per post and readjust your prices based on the amount of interaction you receive from them. Analytics and data can show you exactly how much they’re helping to drive traffic to your business and after a while, you can use that information to further customize your content.

5. More Effective than Typical Advertising

Many people are untrusting of standard advertising at this point- they want real information from real people before they make an investment. The great thing about an influencer, even a micro-influencer, is that they are indeed a real person that can give your target market the information they want to know without feeling like they are being fed another sales pitch.

Using influencers to review your products is a wise decision. Within the last 2 years, the term “influencer marketing” being searched on Google has risen by 400% as more companies are realizing its effectiveness.

This type of marketing can be of extra benefit to startups and businesses that are in need of building greater credibility. If you had to choose between having a real person talk to you about a product or a salesperson talk to you about a product- who would you want to hear from? Who would you be more likely to trust?

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