5 Car Maintenance Tips For Students Going Off To College

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You may not be near to your mechanic who will be doing the little stuff for you like changing the oil.

You can, however, maintain your car to be able to serve you well before going for full body maintenance checkups, and it will help you longer and better.

So here are the things you should be on the lookout for to maintain your car:

1. Tire maintenance

You will need to check your tire pressure regularly. The amount of weight you should use is noted on your driver side door jamb. This will give you the amount of pressure you should instill during cold weather as the pressure goes up during hot weather.

You should frequent this service every month at the very least. Moreover, proper tire pressure will help you save money by giving you better gas mileage.

You also need to check your car’s rotations after every 5000 miles and 10000 miles maximum. Failure to rotate them at the proper intervals will make them wear faster, hence costing you $500.

You will save $470 if you go for the $30 rotation. Tires that aren’t worn out also enhance safety.

2. Making changes on oil and air filters

The frequency of changing your oil is dependent on how much you drive and the conditions in which you operate in. It may be either between 5000 and 7000 miles or once every 3 to 4 months.

Despite these frequencies, you should always be on the lookout for the oil as it will help save and maintain your engine’s lifespan.

You should have a clean Air Filter which you could check once every year. However, if you are a student that frequents home maybe every weekend, then you should change your air filter after every 15000 miles.

A clean air supply will enhance the performance of the engine, and its functionality and a good air supply is a vitality for the driver.

3. Clean the Car

This is a sector that most college students overlook and give less care to or don’t have much time to focus on.

Washing your car does not only make it look good but is right for your engine as it needs to be clean. Moreover, it maintains the car’s resale value.

Allergens, dirt, and debris will be removed once you vacuum the seats and carpets. Moreover, if you clear out all the things cluttering at your backseat will create space to move your belongings and even a right place to keep your books and prevent them from ruin.

Moreover, during this cleaning period, you can be able to discover defects that you didn’t have time to look for or had no idea about like oil and coolant leaks.

For students without much time, there is a window to clean up the car when you are the gas station. At the very least you can clean your windshield at the station, and if there is a car wash nearby, it will prompt you to use it.

All this said and done, and a clean car is a happy car.

4. Heed the signs the car is giving you

This is the part where the notion that the car’s owner knows it best applies. It is therefore essential to be keen when you are driving your car, and thus you will note any key changes when they arise.

These unusual changes call for you to visit the mechanic. You should get recommendations from other students for excellent and trustworthy mechanics around.

One can barely pay attention in class when they are having doubts about the mechanic and getting jittery for fear of being ripped off.

5. Check your vehicle lights regularly

Vehicle lights play an important role and should be checked every month if not every week to know and ensure their functionality.

Check on the brake and tail lights, the hazards and your headlights too to ensure their performance. All these lights are not only important to you but the rest of the drivers on the road as they impact on visibility.

A lousy bulb can undoubtedly cause an accident. You could turn them on and have you or your friend go around to confirm if they are working.

Having kept these up, you and your car will have great adventures together.

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