5 Design Tips to Remember When Building a Food Truck

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People start eating with their eyes, and the sight of a food truck will begin the feast among diners. Getting the design of your truck right is significant because it acts as a rolling billboard. Also, the model that you choose will become the foundation of the efforts you put in branding your business. This is because customers will associate your food with the entire vibe of your food truck. Here is a list of five tips that you should remember when you build your food truck

1. Finding a Truck Designer 

If you are not a designer yourself, hiring a professional designer to handle the exterior design of your food truck will be vital. When choosing among the many designers, select the one that will allow you to incorporate ideas about the vision of your truck. You should be able to give feedback throughout the entire design process so that you can be happy with the final product. Therefore, find a designer that will work with you. If your budget is low, you can outsource your designer from an art student since they will charge lower than professional rates. Also, decide if you want to use paint of vinyl wraps before you find your designer. While wraps are expensive compared to paint, they offer precise designs and many graphics for use.

2. Connecting the Design to Your Brand 

Branding is essential for any business. The design that you choose for your truck is critical to the brand of your business. This is because your design will include the color, theme, and logo that will represent your food truck business. Therefore, making sure that your design presents a strong sense of your business is critical. Besides, the design that you choose for your food truck will help customers identify with the type of cuisine that you provide. At the same time, your design will make you stand out among other food trucks. Thus, ensure that you match your design to your products. Also, make sure that your design reflects the feeling that you want your customers to have when they see your truck. The feeling can be fun, authentic or masculine. Also, make your logo stand out by using plain fun and edgy font. 

3. Designing the Food Truck Menu 

You should treat your menu as part of your design because it represents more than just a board displaying your offerings. Therefore, ensure that your menu matches the color scheme of your truck and your brand. Moreover, you should decide if you want a chalkboard menu or a professional print menu. The choice will depend on your serving. For instance, the chalkboard menu is perfect if you rotate dishes frequently because it is usually changed periodically. Also, make your menu easy to read from a distance. This way, if you have customers waiting in a line, they can decide their order by the time they get to your window.

4. Match Your Website to Your Design Theme 

You should realize that there is more to food truck design than the exterior of your truck. In today’s world of digital technology, having a website as well as social media sites to market your food truck business is essential. This is because an online presence will enable your customers to reach you since they will know where to find you every day. Additionally, word of mouth marketing will allow new customers to find you on social media pages as well as on your professional website. Therefore, ensure that the branded design for your food truck matches your website. Always ensure that your web pages have updated information regarding the location of your truck.

5. Bonus Features 

You can consider other bonus features when you are designing your food truck. For instance, having food truck awnings will keep food safe from rain while handing it to customers. In the summer, fans will keep your hungry diners cool. You can even add television screens to showcase your menu or other delicious foods that you serve. A speaker with music playing outside the truck can also be entertaining for your customers. Be creative with the bonus features to make your food truck a fun experience.

The design of your food truck should depend significantly on the feeling your food truck inspires in your customers. Therefore, be creative so that your diners can give you extra points.

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