5 Items To Keep On Stock In Your Craft Closet

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Keeping a craft closet is fun and creative. However, there are a million different things you could stock in it. How do you know what to stock? What are the most popular items? These questions, plus a slew more are what need to be answered. You need to make a plan and stay organized to have a successful craft closet. So, here are 5 items to keep on stock in your craft closet.

1. Scissors

Basic scissors should always be in your craft closet. However, there is a multitude of scissors you can buy. You can purchase scissors that create designs, you can purchase left-handed scissors, you can purchase scissors that cut through fabric, and you can purchase little scissors and big scissors. One thing is for certain, they are a vital part of any crafting project and without them, your project might be over before it begins. So, have a few pairs of scissors on hand, in a few different varieties.

2. Paints and brushes

Although it can be messy, paints are a great addition to your craft closet. And, not all paint is created equal. Paints come in many varieties. It is always good to have a couple different paints on hand in your craft closet. There are acrylic, watercolor, poster, and oil paints. The kind of paint you use really depends upon what kind of craft you are doing. Paints can be used on paper, canvas, pottery, ceramics, and many other surfaces. Paints can be shiny, matte, sparkly, or neon. The choice is really yours to make. And, if you have paints, you must have paint brushes. Just like paints, brushes come in a variety of styles and sizes. Depending on what project you are working on, you might need a large or small brush or a particular style, so having a variety on hand is wise.

3. Paper

Paper is an integral part of many projects. And, just like there different project, there are different papers. Paper comes in different thicknesses, patterns, textures, and colors. Having a wide variety of paper will allow the project to become multi-dimensional and interesting. You can use paper to enhance your project by mixing textures and colors. Additionally, you can use all the parts of the paper. If you cut shapes out of the paper, you do not have to get rid of the scraps. Scraps might be useful in another project. So, organization in your craft project is important to store the scraps. You do not want them being strewn all over your craft closet.

4. Glue

Glue comes in many forms. You can buy it as a liquid in a bottle, you can buy it in a twist up stick, you can buy it as a stick for a hot glue gun, and you can buy it in a spray can. Depending on the age of the crafter, the kind of glue will be dictated. Younger children should be using a twist up glue stick or maybe the liquid glue. Older children may be ready for a hot glue gun or canned glue, but they should still be supervised. Regardless of the kind of glue you put in your craft closet, it should be stored up high and out of the reach of small children. This is because although a lot of the glue for smaller children is nontoxic, there are other forms that are dangerous if ingested. So, it is best to be safe and keep everything in a safe place.

5. Things that write

Projects require things to use to write or draw with. The list of writing utensils includes crayons, markers, coloring pencils, pens, pencils, chalk, pastels, and many more. You may not be able to keep every kind of writing utensil in your craft closet, but you should have a good variety. When working on a project, you will find yourself needing multiple forms of writing tools.

These are basic things to stock in your craft closet. Additionally, you should have an organization system that consists of storage bins. Without organization, you may just have a pile of stuff in your closet. This will create frustration and will be time-consuming to sort through all your supplies to find what you need. Organization will let you get your project up and running in no time.

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