5 Reasons Tangible Marketing Cultivates Brand Loyalty

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In today’s marketing world, we tend to focus and think more about the digital areas of marketing. In contrast to the digital side of marketing, which deals with SEO, online ad space, social media marketing, video ads, etc., tangible marketing deals with real things.

The word tangible refers to items that you can touch, hear, or smell. Physical marketing uses promotional items to not only promote brand recognition but also to cultivate customer loyalty. Print ads, catalogs, brochures, promotional products, among other things, present substantial ways though which tangible marketing promotes a given brand. Here, we look at five reasons print marketing cultivates brand loyalty.

1. Engagement of the Senses

A brand and its identity go hand in hand. Identity refers to the shared memory that your customers get about your business after intermingling with sense-capturing products of your business. These sense-capturing products mean everything that can remind the customers about the industry as a whole, be it a scent, texture, or logo.

Thus, tangible marketing materials can effectively strengthen your business’s identity. If you offer catering services, you don’t have to remain around the circle of branded or similar products. You can, for example, create a simple guide to summer event planning, with ideas for great parties. The goal is to give something to your client that reminds them of your business. A firm with no tangible marketing can only engage the auditory and visual senses.

2. Extended Life Span

Physical marketing products tend to have an extended life span as compared to digital marketing material. In this article, think of digital marketing materials like emails and online ads; catalogs, promotional products, and brochures, meanwhile, would be considered as tangible marketing. When you think about it, how likely is it that you will keep a seasonal leaflet than an email about the similar products?

An extended life span not only means that the customer will see the firm’s promotional material for a more extended period. It also ensures that the firm gets more mileage out of its marketing material, with a potential that the content can travel and be handled and seen by other potential customers.

3. Depicts Appreciation

Sure, many firms show appreciation through sending a “thank you” social media post or email to their consumers. However, to make an impact in depicting gratitude, tangible marketing is the way forward. An appreciation promotional product with your logo imprinted on it could go a long way in showing your customer the level of care and appreciation you have for them. The result is a great way to build a brand and promote loyalty.

4. More Personal and Useful

Tangible marketing cultivates brand loyalty through comprehensive or even more personal approaches. Present a budding wine waiter with a bottle of expensive wine on the anniversary of his contract. High-quality items that speak to individual client needs, lifestyles, and needs can be tied to your product services or line in a personal or helpful way. A handwritten note or card to your clients can also be an inexpensive, own yet straightforward way of maintaining brand loyalty to your clients by showing how much you appreciate them.

5. Works as a Business Card

Just as business cards introduce your business and its good or services to the consumers, tangible marketing products also function similarly but with better outcomes. When giving out gift items that are related to your industry and business, you are launching your business to the potential customers. According to “Inc.” magazine, 71.4% of all attendees who received a tangible item remembered the name of the firm that gave them the thing. Remember that the product giveaways have contact information, just like business cards. Thus, tangible items work as a crucial business card that your consumers can use daily.

However, to cultivate loyalty toward your brand, ensure that all your tangible items are of high quality and preferably branded.

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