5 Unique Outdoor Pictures For Your Family’s Next Holiday Card

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People love giving receiving cards, especially around the holidays. For those sending out cards, it’s a way they can show off their family and boast about how great their life is. For those receiving the cards, it’s heartwarming because it shows they’re being thought of, and it’s a way they can check in and see what’s happening with their family. If you’re sending out holiday cards, you want to do something unique so that your card doesn’t just get tossed aside. Here are five unique outdoor picture ideas for your family’s next holiday card.

1- Surround Yourself With Pine Trees

If you’re taking pictures around Christmastime, convey the holiday spirit by taking pictures in front of a Christmas tree lot. It provides a simple background where you and your family can truly be the star of the picture. It’s even better if there is a light dusting of snow on the ground and the trees. It helps create the magic of the holidays.

2- A Frozen Over Pond Provides an Elegant Back Drop

There’s something beautiful about water. It’s peaceful, serene, and relaxing. All of those things are what help to make it a gorgeous and unique backdrop for pictures. Play with different times of the day in order to get different lights reflecting off the frozen surface around the holidays. This backdrops gives your family an opportunity to show off their silly side. Make snowmen around the surface of the pond, make snow angels, or throw snowballs at each other. Seeing families in their element helps to capture great photos. Candid photos always make for better memories.

3- Lay Flat in the Snow

It’s time to throw out all the rules you know about picture taking if you want to create something unique. Instead of posing in stiff positions, have some fun with the family. Have everyone lay in a circle with their heads touching while the photographer stands above and takes a picture with the camera pointing down. This is a cute idea which really captures the love that a family has for one another.

4- Use Props, Outfits to Create Unique Looks

Holidays are a time where you and your family can be silly. Unwind, relax, and have fun with your family. Let the photographer capture you laughing. One unique idea is to have everyone dress like Rudolph. Pass around red shiny noses for the picture. It’s such a simple and cute idea which is sure to bring about smiles to everyone who receives the holiday card. Holidays are one of the only times where you can get away with having your whole family match each other. Pick out a matching set of pajamas to take family photos in. Depending on the weather outside, these are perfect to pose alongside your family with. It shows the unity a family encompasses and the magic of the holidays.

5- Bring Your Living Room Outside

Photos are the best when taken outside. That’s because there’s a lot of natural light and gorgeous scenery. There’s nothing wrong with bringing the indoors outdoors. Your family can pose on blankets, along couches, and in front of decor while being outside. Use objects you love and that have sentimental value. Perhaps there’s a knitted blanket that holds special meaning? Have your family pose on it. You can create a living room scene right in your own backyard. It has the warmth of your home but the gorgeous backdrop of freshly fallen snow and crisp air. Decorative pillows are also another great prop that create a feeling of holiday warmth. To add to the overall look, have your family read a holiday classic together while posing.

The Holidays Come But Once a Year

The holidays are a time to bring family and friends together. It’s time to show one another that you love and value them. There’s no better way to do that then by sending a heartfelt letter and a nice holiday card. It shows your family members that you cared enough about them to send them something sentimental. Holiday photos also make the perfect gifts. You can use them in frames and more for the gift that keeps giving.

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