5 Vital Keys to Filming Engaging Videos

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The average person spends much more time watching videos than reading a text or looking at images. Videos have the most internet traffic. This means that if you want to be as influential as possible, making a video is the way to go. If you are going to do a video, you must know the basic tips of creating an engaging content that can grab viewers. 

Outline the Content

What is inside the video itself matters more than the quality of the filming. For this, you have to create an outline of what the video’s goals are. What is it that you want to convey with your video? Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve through this video. Identify the audience that you are targeting. When you have a targeted audience, the message in your video will be precise, and you will know what kind of script to go for. Do not forget to use emotions — it is emotions that drive people. The emotional trigger of the video can make people stick to it. 

Find the Right Background

The background of the video matters. It helps tell a story and convey the message that you are putting forth. Real backgrounds can be used as they are most authentic. As long as it is part of the natural environment and is clean, this does a good job of keeping viewers trusting you. Fake backgrounds are good because they are consistent. They are not so good for beginners as they take a little more consideration when being chosen. 

Use a Separate Microphone

The audio on the video is just as important as the images. The best way to have quality audio, especially if you are speaking, is to use a separate microphone from the one that is built-in to the camera you are filming with. The microphone should be placed on the body of the subject speaking or on a boom. Just make sure that it picks up the right sound and not something from the background. 

Film in Segments

Filming a video is not something that everyone enjoys doing because of the time that it takes. You might be tempted to take a video in a single shot, but this is not the best way to capture a video. When attempting to create quality content, filming the video in segments will actually save you time on post-editing. WHen you film in segments, you will have the opportunity of reshooting something you did not like or adding something that you eventually forgot. Focus on having a script that is segmented beforehand. The smaller speeches in the shorter videos will focus you more on the topic that you are trying to convey. This will give the information more clarity. When you are doing the final editing, you can consider which parts of the video to add and which ones to remove without chopping up a large chunk of video. 

Follow Composition Rules

Photography has some composition rules that you will want to follow in your videos to make them look good. Composition is the way that the subject in the video is placed. The first rule is known as the rule of thirds. This means that the frame is divided into a grid of three-by-three. The subject should be placed at one of the intersections of the grid. Ideally, their eyes should line up the onthe top line of the frame. Counter-intuitively, it is not a good idea to film your subject in the center of the video. Also, do not leave too much space on top of the head while also avoiding cutting the top part of it. If you must cut something of the head during a dramatic zoom, let it be the top part of the head instead of the chin. 

Concluding Words

Videos are an engaging and fun way to make your brand be seen and reach out to people. Do not stop yourself from reaching out to people through your videos on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will eventually gain some followers and spread your message and brand. 

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