5 Ways to Boost Morale in the Office

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Most people don’t realize that the average American spends over 90,360 hours of their life at work. With that considered, it becomes clear that a healthy work environment is almost imperative to living a happy life with minimal stress. It is no secret that an employee will put their best foot forward when they feel that they are truly valued by the company they work for.

Nothing is worse than having to punch a clock every day at a place you don’t want to be at, and nothing brings a company or business down like a lack of morale. The following is a list of tips that can help you achieve and maintain an overall sense of confidence.

1- Give Credit Where Credit is Due

One of the number one complaints made by employees is the lack of appreciation they are granted at their place of work. It may seem like an obvious concern for an employer; however, many companies do not consider it.

People want to feel like the work they are putting into your company holds a certain amount of value. You can do this by giving out acrylic trophies out each quarter or period to showcase your hardest working employees. If an employee doesn’t think that they are valued, it just makes it that much easier for them to leave the company without much remorse.

2- Conduct Weekly Check-ins

Getting to know your employees is crucial to building a strong sense of morale. If you’re looking for some insight on what could be done to improve your office or its procedures, start with asking the people that actually work there. Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. Checking in with a small group of your employees every week will help you gain invaluable insight.

3- Make all Employees Inclusively Valued

Every social group will have their more reserved individuals, that’s how society works. It is just as important to recognize these people for a job well done as it is to praise the employees who are a bit more vocal.

Recognizing that all of your employees are making a choice daily to work in your office, and they all deserve the same amount of time and respect that they have invested in your company. It is easy for morale to drop dramatically when some employees are favored over others.

4- Keep Everyone on The Same Level

It is imperative that everyone in your office feel that they are valued the same as their co-workers. When we forget that we are running a business and start treating the office like a social club, morale goes down, and feelings get hurt.

Playing favorites at your place of work is a dangerous game. Over time the employees will stop working as hard as they develop a, “What’s the point?” attitude towards their workload. Productivity will become lax, and morale drops down to an all-time low.

5- Be Kind

Kindness seems like such a simple practice, but to some, it would seem like the idea of being kind has never centered their brain. The old saying still rings true; you’ll catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. Practice kindness in your workplace for an overall sense of high morale.

The focus of keeping office morale up should always be to maintain the natural balance. You don’t want your workers to feel as if they are being held at their offices against their will. You don’t want them to feel like their cubicles imprison them. You also don’t want to give off the impression that you have lost all order within the company, and that the office is treated as a free-for-all.

Having a set list that clearly outlines your office’s rules, regulations and procedures can help to combat that sort of behavior. Make sure your expectations list is posted in a place where all employees might see it. When putting forth the effort, morale is easy to maintain if the effort is consistent.

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