5 Ways Contractors are Recycling at Demolition and Construction Sites

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5 Ways Contractors are Recycling at Demolition and Construction Sites

When it comes to waste in our country, almost one-third of it comes from construction and demolition sites. This is a startling amount for most people to learn. With statistics such as this, it is obvious that even the simplest efforts can help make better use of existing building materials or debris to cause significant changes in the amount of waste going into landfills.

Dismantling a home or building is a great way to find materials that can be saved or reused during the rebuild. Instead of bulldozing the site and transporting all materials to the landfill, recycling is a great way to help the environment, save money and create less waste.

Even greenfield sites have waste concerns to worry about. Some examples include plastic packaging, cardboard and excess building materials. Some of these materials can negatively impact the environment if they are disposed of in a local landfill. As an example, lead can infiltrate water sources and create toxicity. Below are some ways that contractors can recycle at their demolition and construction sites.

1. Reuse Materials

When you are demolishing a site before rebuilding a new structure, a great way to recycle is to find materials that can be reused and built back into the new building. This might happen naturally in instances such as remodeling projects where certain structures of the building are not demolished. Some areas of the project might be moved, redecorated or reconfigured. Wood-framed buildings may allow lumber cut-offs to be removed and used for spacers or fire-blocking.

2. Build Using Standard Dimensions

Many building projects can be accomplished by using building materials already supplied in standard measurements. The less cutting a measuring that has to be done during demolition or construction means less waste does incur. It will also save a lot of time and effort during the process. For example, standard wood lengths can be used for framing. When demolishing a site that was constructed using standard dimensions, it will be easier to save and reuse those materials.

3. Locate Recycling Centers

It is best to locate local recycling centers. If you have to take a lot of time, effort and gasoline to transport your construction and demolition site waste to be recycled, it is not going to be worth it. Add necessary trips to your local recycling center into your demolition and construction planning. To save more time, consider dropping off recyclable materials at the center while on the way to pick up new building materials.

4. Deconstruction Instead Of Demolition

Many organizations will come in and remove reusable items from your demolition site without damaging them. These materials are often used in social housing projects locally. For the company or customer paying for the project, there may be some tax advantages to using one of these organizations’ services. Another idea is to have a construction project yard sale. Items such as piping, radiators, fittings, grates, and appliances that are in good condition may be sold.

5. Figure Out The Savings

Many contractors wonder if recycling during demolition is worth the effort. Not only can recycling construction and demolition waste help the environment, but it can also be a great opportunity to give better prices to your customers and earn higher profitability during the construction. When fewer new materials have to be purchased and less waste is being recycled locally, the benefits will be worth the effort. All efforts to recycle and reuse building materials will create environmental benefits and positive economic results.

These are just some of the top ways contractors can reuse and recycle materials during demolition and construction projects. Depending on the type of project being carried out, recyclable materials can include masonry, doors, windows, and roofing. Fixtures, appliances and other reusable items can be refitted elsewhere. Landscaping can also be taken into consideration when recycling. Trees, plants, and bushes can be removed and placed elsewhere. To recycle a building means deconstructing it instead of demolishing it.

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