6 Advantages Driver’s Ed Gives Your Teen

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Driver’s education provides eager teens with the skills and information needed to drive a car. While some teens assume that driving a car comes naturally, practice makes perfect and certainly gives them the detailed information they’ll put to use when traveling from one point to the next. Curious to learn more about the advantages teen drivers enjoy after attending driver’s ed classes?

1- Reduced Auto Insurance Cost

Although auto insurance costs is probably a bigger concern for parents of teens, it’s nonetheless a worry that you can eliminate. Your teen must maintain a safe driving record once they start driving to keep auto insurance costs low, but before this time, completing a driver’s ed program can chop off a nice amount of money from the monthly premiums.

2- Behind the Wheel Experience

Teens who complete a driver’s education course get behind the wheel experience before they start driving a vehicle alone. This experience can make a big difference in the outcome of various situations your teen may face while they’re driving, such as auto accidents. The more time your teen spends behind the wheel with a trained instructor, the better they’ll drive when it’s time to take matters into their own hands.

3- State Requirements

Wisconsin, Alabama, and Colorado are among the states that require teen drivers to complete a driver’s ed course before earning their driver’s license. The number of hours and other requirements vary from one state to the next. Although not required in every state, drivers education classes are required in many. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state to learn more about the teen driver’s ed requirements. You must comply with the requirements before your teen becomes eligible to earn a driver’s license.

4- Rules of the Road

So many teens learn enough basic driving information to pass their driving test but lack so much pertinent information that can keep them safe when behind the wheel. Teens who attend a driver’s education course can learn the rules of the road that they need and gain a broader understanding of driving than they’d normally obtain. This keeps everyone safe on the roadways and can prevent your teen from accumulating tickets, getting involved in accidents, etc.

5- Peace of Mind

Another benefit for parents of teens who attend driver’s ed is the peace of mind they gain with the knowledge that their teen has learned the ropes of safe driving. Any parent will tell you that it is nerve-wracking to see their teen in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, especially once they’re out there driving alone the first few times. The added confidence and peace of mind that parents gain after their teen attends driver’s education is second-to-none. It’s easier to sleep at night when you know that your teen has the driving skills they need to thrive.

6- Road Test Preparation

The road test is one of the scariest tests any ten will ever take. No matter how confident the ten is in their driving ability, there is just something unnerving about driving with a state test administrator sitting in the driver’s seat critiquing your every move. Driver’s education class provides teens with a boost of confidence as well as all the skills necessary to prepare for the road test. Classes make a tremendous difference in a teen’s overall outcome of the driving test.

The six benefits above are pretty incredible perks for any teen new to the exciting world of driving -and for the nervous parents behind them. It is better to be safe than to be sorry and teens who attend driver’s ed certainly get the benefits of the classes well ahead of disaster. The benefits here are incredible, but there are many additional perks not listed, all of which your teen will enjoy after they completed driver’s ed. There is no question about it: driver’s ed provides ample benefits for any new driver.

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