6 Common Mistakes for Replacing Light Bulbs and How-to Avoid Them

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Replacing a light bulb is no hard task, but still, some still have trouble doing it. In this article, we will talk about a few common mistakes people do when replacing light bulbs and how you can avoid them. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start fixing the lighting in your home.

1. Forgetting to Shut Off the Power


The first mistake that people often do is forget to turn off the power. To avoid getting shocked, or worse, you should always turn off your power via the fuse box in your home when replacing light bulbs around your house. Also, you should unplug the lighting fixture before changing the light bulb. If you don’t once again, you might get shocked.

2. Ignoring Safety Precautions


The second most common safety mistake people do when replacing light bulbs in their home is ignoring basic safety precautions. Before unscrewing a lightbulb to change it, make sure the bulb is completely cool before removing it. If you need to reach up high to unscrew a bulb, use a sturdy ladder to get to it. You shouldn’t use a rolling chair or some other unsteady support object. Or, instead of using a ladder at all, you could purchase a special light bulb switching tool if it’s on a high ceiling. But, one of the safest precautions you can do to change a light bulb in your home is to hire a professional.

3. Using the Wrong Type of Bulb


When replacing a light bulb, it’s important to know the proper amp rating/max wattage. Replacing your light bulb with the wrong type of bulb can damage the lighting in your home, or worse. However, you can find the right wattage light bulb to get on the manufacturer’s labeling on the one you want to replace.

4. Twisting Too Much


You never want to twist the replacement light bulb into its socket. To replace your bulb, you want to install it by turning it clockwise into position. A phrase to memorize for installing lightbulbs is, counter-clockwise to remove, clockwise to install. Although it depends on the type of socket, your bulb should easily lock into place, but you may have to twist a little more to get it into position. However, you never want to twist the bulb too much, or it might break.

5. Not Using the Right Methods with High Ceilings


Changing a light bulb in a high ceiling isn’t as easy as you think. Although it depends on how high the ceiling is, you can’t always change it using your hands. In fact, you may have to purchase an extended light bulb changing pole, which is specially designed to change light bulbs at a high height. The extenders are very long and have a suction cup at the end for you to grab and uninstall your old light bulb and install the new one you have.

6. Improper Disposal


People don’t always know the best way to get rid of old light bulbs. It’s important that you’re careful with your old light bulb since they’re usually incredibly fragile. This is why you don’t want to simply toss it out since it can break into shards and cut someone. Instead, you should first wrap it in its old packaging before placing it in the trash. However, if you don’t have the packaging, you can always use old magazines or newspapers.

Replacing a light bulb isn’t tricky, but still, some people are confused as to doing it correctly. Hopefully, this guide helped you safely replace the light bulbs in your home safely and help you avoid doing it the wrong way. Even though it’s a simple task, you might very well need a professional to assist you, especially if you have high, vaulted ceilings.

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