6 Great Gift Ideas Using Challenge Coins

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Challenge coins are tangible symbols of esprit de corps, loyalty and appreciation. They are valuable assets because not everyone gets to have a challenge coin, and there are specific rules to award them. Also, once awarded, there are other rules of etiquette to follow that include keeping them with you at all times, in the event that a challenge is called. For this reason, you must consider the following prior to looking for a gift using challenge coins.

1. Challenge coins are not to be worn as jewelry. They should always be loose
2. They need to be accessible to take them with you to events and group meetings.
3. They need to be protected at all time to avoid scratching or defacing.
4. Challenge coins cannot be altered
5. They should be kept in a safe place so they do not fall of a pocket or wallet.

Check out 6 great gift ideas using challenge coins.

1. Bottle openers


There are military units that prefer to make their coins with a bottle opening feature. This is done so that the carriers feel more motivated to bring the coin with them to all activities and at all times. Obviously, it also serves the task of opening beers and other drinks. This would not constitute defacing a coin if the unit, as a whole, has agreed on selecting this shape coin. Coins can be any shape or size, so this could be one of the best features for coins that will surely be used for drinking challenges, among others.

2. Keychain carriers


As a way to protect the coins and ensure that they travel with the owner at all times, keychain makers have come up with a coin-shaped carrier that can be attached to a regular keychain. The coin would go inside the button-protected pouch. These pouch keychain carriers feature a soft lining to protect the coin from scratching.

3. Paddle plaques


Paracord paddles and paddle plaques are a naval tradition. Most Navy personnel get the paddles as plaques to which they can attach additional symbols from the unit, such as challenge coins. For this type of gift, it would be a good idea to give an additional coin to the recipient since the paddle coin is to remain attached to the plaque.

4. 3D card coin keeper


These hard cards can be personalized to feature the unit’s motto and logo. They are wonderful to frame the coins and explain the tradition of awarding them. They feature triple layers of cardboard, with a center that is laser-cut in the shape of the coin so that it can go inside the card, while still being able to slide out when needed. The card serves as, both, a frame and a protector. It is also a very portable carrier.

5. American flag display case


By far, the most iconic gift to use with challenge coin are the multiple types of displays that are made to personalize the unique tastes of the coin owner. Among the most popular is the Star-Spangled banner design, which is one of the most popular among service members. Along with the American flag model, there are other displays made into jet fighters, submarines, tanks, and helicopters, among others.

6. Coin Wraps


These round brocade knots are used to transport coins in a way that they can be worn around your hand, where you would wrap the cord around your wrist. Look at it as a wristlet that is dedicated entirely to protecting the coin. These are usually made for personalization, so be sure to request that the wrap features quick entry and exit of the coin so that it can be produced in the event that there is a challenge called.

There are plenty of things that can be done using challenge coins. The important thing is to remember that there are rules to follow when using them, and that they should not be used as jewelry, nor can they be defaced.

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