6 Low-Cost Tricks for Buying Car Parts Online

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Modern vehicles are much more reliable than ones made in past decades. In fact, the average vehicle on the road today is over ten years old. Though modern vehicles have a long service life, even the best vehicle will need some work over the years. When a car owner needs to buy parts, he or she has the option of shopping online. There are many ways that buyers can work to find the best deals online.

Consider Used

Used parts were a common choice in past decades, but have fallen out of favor. However, used parts can offer buyers a useful way of getting quality parts at a low price. In general, used parts sell for about half of the cost of new ones. Online shopping has made it easy it to find hard to find parts. The internet provides buyers the opportunity to buy used parts from all over the country, instead of just their local area.

Cut Out the Middleman

The majority of auto parts are made in foreign countries, with China manufacturing a large percentage of all auto parts. Buyers who are not in a particular hurry can buy parts online directly from China. By buying direct from the country of origin, buyers do not have to pay the markup that a middleman has to charge to make a profit. Of course, buyers can expect for shipments from Asia to take a few weeks to arrive in North America.

Comparison Shop

The internet has allowed retailers from around the world to compete against one another. This competition has helped to reduce the costs of auto parts. However, not every retailer sells parts for the same price. By comparing prices from different retailers, buyers can find the best deals. An online shopper can also look at the prices of local part stores online as a point of reference to determine whether or not the online price is really a deal.

Discount Codes

Anyone who shops online, for auto parts or anything else, should look for discount codes before making a purchase. Retailers use discount codes to promote items and to build brand familiarity. For the buyer of a common auto part, such as brake pads, there are hundreds of sellers from which to choose. After comparison shopping and finding the best deals, a buyer can often save more money by finding an online discount code. There are numerus websites that specialize in finding and listing current discount codes.

Local Stores

The websites of the national chain auto part stores list thousands of items that are not stocked locally. However, thrifty buyers can choose to buy the item from the store’s website and have it locally delivered to the store free of charge. By not having to pay shipping on the item, the buyer will often save money versus the cost of the item from another seller which requires home shipping. The savings are most significant on bulky or heavy items such as wheels, exhaust pipes and large body parts such as doors and fenders.

Part Ratings

An inexpensive auto part is only a good deal if it is a quality part. As part of the online shopping experience, most retailers allow buyers to provide ratings and reviews of the parts. These ratings can be invaluable to the buyer who has no other way to determining the quality of a part from an unknown manufacturer. Though the part may have a warranty, a buyer likely doesn’t want to go through the trouble of installing and removing a part to return it. While part ratings aren’t foolproof, they do provide a tool for the bargain hunter to avoid buying a poor-quality item.

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