6 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

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Bathroom remodeling is a beneficial project for any homeowner. Bringing in a contractor to renovate this small room brings life into the entire home, instantly breathing fresh air into old, outdated, or damaged bathroom. The bathroom is often times the first room we visit after waking in the morning. A cheerful, updated bathroom that pleases the eye is a great way to start each day off the right way. Why is it time to remodel your bathroom? Six of the many reasons why now is the perfect time to schedule a bathroom remodeling project are listed below.

You Hate the Bathroom

Is there something about the bathroom that drives you nuts every time that you look? Maybe it is the flooring or even the pastel pink color on the walls. Maybe it is the no longer functioning brand name affixed to your bathtub, or the decorations that turn you off. No matter what it is that you hate about the bathroom, it is affecting you more than you might realize. If you hate the way the bathroom looks, it is time to call a professional contractor to update the style. There are many easy and simple ways to renovate the bathroom without spending extravagant amounts of money, instantly creating a look that you love.

Improve Efficiency

Installing new appliances is an easy way to conserve water and reduce operating costs. New low-flush toilets decrease water usage while adding aesthetic appeal to the bathroom. Water-conserving shower heads and faucets are also available. These new appliances are available at reasonable costs with a variety of choices to complement all budgets and needs.

Lifestyle Needs

Perhaps the size of your family has increased or decreased or aging family members require an updated space. When your family needs change, the home should accommodate those needs nonetheless, even when that requires a contactor to come in to remodel. It is easy to increase the floor space, storage space, in the bathroom with the help of a licensed contractor. And, with endless ways to remodel the bathroom, it’s always fun to choose your room’s new look.

Damaged Bathroom

Mold growth in the bathroom is a concern for many homeowners. The moisture in the bathroom provides the perfect breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Many health concerns are caused by mold, especially for the elderly and children. This is only one type of damage that you might find in the bathroom. Rotting root, leaks, and missing fixtures may seem like minor issues, but left to fester, massive damage is often times the result. There is also a safety risk surrounding bathroom damage.

Increase Home Value

Remodeling magazine reports that homeowners get back 71 cents of every dollar spent on their remodeling project. While it’d be nice to get back every dime spent, 29 cents isn’t a large amount of money to spend to dramatically increase the value of the home should you decide to sell later down the line. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy all of the pleasures of the upgraded bathroom before the home sells!

A Great Place to Start

Many homeowners begin home renovations with the bathroom. Since it is a small room, renovation projects aren’t time consuming. It is easy to control costs during a bathroom renovation project, and, of course, the unlimited remodeling ideas and possibilities allows you to create a look that is unique to your home and personality. Remodeling the bathroom is the start of many amazing renovations in your home.

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