6 Reasons Why Employee Incentive Programs Work So Great

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Keeping everyone in the workplace motivated is not as simple as some management teams may think. Even though there are many different ways to address these issues, some workplace practices tend to be a lot better and effective than others. This is information that every manager and supervisor should know, particularly those of you who are considering implementing new employee incentive programs. Whatever the case, as you make up your mind to deploy incentive programs in your operations, please review these 6 reasons why employee incentive programs work so great.

1. Provides Managers and Supervisors with A consistent method of Rewarding Top Performers

It is not uncommon for managers to hire employees who tend to be super performers. Super performers can be classed as the group of employees that excel in every category in the workplace. For instance, this is the group that is never late, achieves and exceeds any qualifications that the job requires, take on extra projects, train others on what to do, and will always participate in extracurricular activities. These are the manager’s little helpers that play a key role in keeping the operations going smoothly. Therefore, an incentive program for your employees is not really a luxury but a necessity in the workplace. It is also one of the primary reasons why your good incentive programs should work well in accommodating the value of the top performers.

2. Sparks Healthy Competition in the Workplace

Just like you want your workers to be happy in the things that they do on a day to day basis, you want to keep everyone performing at their best. For some management teams, this may mean setting hard mandatory deadlines that keep employees working under the gun meeting tight deadlines. Or, for other management teams, this may simply mean fostering an environment that allows employees to work hard voluntarily.
That said, for the latter scenario, the best method of achieving this environment is to provide employees with a goal that they can work toward. For instance, you can implement a management incentive program that challenges your employees to complete certain assignments or tasks before their peers.

3. Workplace Benefits by an Increase in Productivity

Another reason that incentive programs work so well in the workplace is the increase in overall employee productivity. Generally, when the company gives an individual award to employees who meet certain milestones, there is an automatic rise in productivity. Even though all employees do not perform their best for the same reasons, your employees may enjoy the added benefits of getting awards that earn them extra money, more days off or extra perks for doing a good job.

4. Encourages Higher Employee Retention Rates

When a company’s incentive programs are on top of the upper echelon in the industry, the response that a business gets is normally great. Even when another company pays more in hourly rates, the added incentives may be valued more. For example, if your company’s incentives plan clearly shows that your organization appreciates their hard work, your employees are much more likely to be loyal to your company’s goals and objectives. So, your company as a whole can easily benefit from higher retention rates.

5. Helps with Keeping Employees Motivated to Perform Well

When a company does not give employees a reason to do more than the norm, employees tend to only do the status quo. Because everyone will make the same for whatever work they do, there is no real motivation to do much more. Hence, when your company implements good incentive and reward programs, it is usually a win-win for all and a great way to keep your employees performing at their highest level.

6. Absenteeism is Reduced

A big part of your employees doing their best is showing up to do the work. Since many of the best incentive programs include low to no absentees to qualify for the incentive, the absenteeism rates in your company are normally automatically reduced.

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