6 Reasons You Should Invest in Children’s Jewelry

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A lot of people would say investing in children’s jewelry is a silly extravagance because they might end up losing it. Kids are, after all, notorious for misplacing their items because of their immaturity. On top of that, safety is an issue to think of because a thief might end up targeting the children wearing them. Both concerns, though, valid can be mitigated by orientating your children about the pieces they are wearing.

Contrary to what most people believe, children are smart, and they remember vital pieces of information that you tell them. Remind your children to be careful about the fine jewelry items they are wearing. Besides, you won’t be letting your kids wander off without your supervision while they are wearing expensive jewelry pieces. Here are the reasons why you should invest in children’s jewelry:

Jewelry Can Turn into an Heirloom Piece

Investing in children’s jewelry for special occasions like baptism, birthday, or Christmas is a smart move because these gifts can turn into a family heirloom. Jewelry has the ability to tell a story. It can be handed down from generation to generation, so other family member can also enjoy the pieces even if the original owner is already old and grey.

Jewelry Can Hold its Value Over Time

Avoid trendy jewelry because these are literally a waste of money as they tarnish and fade over time. Stick to fine jewelry piece for your kids because these hold their value. The important thing to ask when purchasing children’s jewelry for investment is: what will this be worth several years from now? High quality diamonds and precious stones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby set in quality metal like gold and platinum will retain their value. Classic pieces from reputable companies like Tiffany, Harry Winston, Cartier, David Yurman, or Van Cleef and Arpels are always a good idea and safe bets to buy.

Price of Raw Materials Increases Through the Years

Investing in children’s jewelry is a good idea because the prices of the raw materials used to make them increase over time. For instance, according to the Gold Price Performance Chart in USD, gold increased by $1,142.90 in the past twenty years. That is an outstanding 436.72 percent increase in price. Imagine if you hoarded a lot of gold jewelry form twenty years ago, the value of these items will be worth so much more now.

Remember to always look at the marking in the jewelry you are buying to determine if you’re getting gold, silver, or platinum. Most fine jewelry pieces are marked to indicate the purity of the metal. For instance, 24K is the purest gold metal. It can come mixed with other metals so you’ll see a rating of 18K, 14k, or 10k. Pure silver always has .375 engraved on it. Platinum will come with the words plat or pt with the numbers 999 or 950, which indicate the purity level.

Jewelry Can be Pawned in Cases of Emergencies

Although you don’t buy jewelry with the thoughts of selling them for emergency use, know that these pieces can be a great source of financial comfort for your kids should the need arise. Jewelry is much easier to dispose of when they need cash fast, unlike land which takes time to sell. If your kids eventually need cash down the road for cases like medical issues, loss of job, or an unplanned natural disaster, they can easily pawn off their jewelries as a last resort to help tide them over their financial crisis.

Jewelry is a Good Long Term Investment

Unless you’re in the jewelry business, then making a quick profit out of your jewelry items should not be on your mind. It is best to leave short term investment to the professionals. However, investing in jewelry for the long haul is a smart choice because their longevity speaks for itself. Buying children’s jewelry that your kids can enjoy over the course of the years is a practical thing to do because they get to enjoy wearing these pieces as their value increase over the passing of the days. The key tip to remember is that you have to be critical when it comes to the quality and condition of the jewelry items, so you will get your money’s worth with classic pieces that will hold their value.

Jewelry Can Reinforce Children’s Identity

Last, but not the least, children’s jewelry can be easily personalized. When your children wear something that bears their name, it reinforces their confidence and strengthens their sense of identity. What could be more valuable than your children that? Children who know their true worth, who take pride in themselves, and who feel a sense of security because of their parents support will definitely accomplish more and succeed in life. Spending a little on personalized pieces of jewelry is a small price to pay for making our children feel loved and secure. Your children are your greatest treasures that deserve all the best things in this world.

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