6 Tips For Using a Portable Storage Unit When Renting Out Houses

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Portable storage units are a much easier option than traditional methods, such as hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck yourself. If you happen to rent out houses, then they will come in very handy for a variety of issues. Here are six tips you can use concerning portable storage units when you rent out houses.

1.They are Useful During the Eviction Process

As a landlord you may often find yourself in a sticky situation. Your tenants may not be paying their rent, which will eventually cause you to have to seek legal action against them. Many tenants leave belongings behind when they finally leave a home they have been evicted from. It will now be on you, as the landlord in this situation, to deal with their old, left-behind belongings. A portable storage unit is perfect for these times. Simply rent one for a few short weeks to use while you empty the house out and ponder what you are going to do with everything you are stuck with. Once you have everything out of the house and into the unit, you can quickly work on renovations or getting a new tenant in. 

2.Use Them Between Tenants

Tenants come and go in renting situations. When one tenant leaves, you may find that you have to complete some renovations or work in the house before the next tenant can move in. There may be belongings left over that you have to move before renovations can start, or you may need to make room for the cleaning crew to come in. Instead of worrying about moving items from room to room, pile them all in a portable storage unit at once. You can then deal with it at your leisure while your home is being prepared for the next family. 

3.Rent Them During Renovations for Materials

If you have a lot of home repairs to do to one of your homes, you may find that you need space for materials. This is especially true if you are doing multiple renovations at once, such as replacing carpet, painting walls, and fixing appliances. You may need a safe space to store your tools and equipment while you work on the home. A portable storage unit will come with a lock that only you can open. Plus, units are build solid and sturdy, so you know that your tools and supplies will be safe. Waterproof units will also keep everything dry during storms. 

4.They Can be Used During Renovations or Repairs

As a landlord, you may find that you have to do a major renovation while your tenants are still in the home. Your tenants may have to move their belongings out of a certain room while you work. If this is the case, rent a portable storage unit to keep necessary items in as you make the necessary repairs or renovations. For example, if you are renovating an old kitchen, let your tenants box up their kitchen supplies and keep them in the unit while the work is done. This will keep them safe and secure, especially if you have to hire an outside company to come in for help. 

5.Use Them for Organizational Needs 

While you’re in-between tenants, use a portable storage unit to keep things neat and organized. You may be moving household items from home to home, and a portable unit is one of the safest options out there. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a unit being broken into when you aren’t there. When thieves find out a home is empty, they often target it late at night. With a portable storage unit, anything you put in it will be completely safe while you are away. 

6.They are More Affordable Than Other Options

Portable storage units are much more affordable and easy than other options. You won’t have to drive things to a local storage space only to drive back when you need something again. Companies usually rent them on a weekly or monthly basis. You will get a price upfront, and you don’t have to worry about what you are going to use for your rental homes.

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