6 Trendy Back to School Looks for Teachers

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As a teacher, you’re responsible for the lessons your students learn while also setting a positive example for them in the classroom. Students and parents often begin purchasing the supplies, clothes, and shoes for school weeks before classes are back in session. You can join in on the shopping frenzy by purchasing trendy clothes that will exhibit a professional appearance in the classroom and during activities after school.

1. Jeans In Comfort

Although you might want to wear a dress or nice pants every day, there are some days when you should wear something comfortable. Jeans and a nice shirt or even a plain T-shirt should be on your list of clothing options, especially if you are planning an art day or project day with your students. An option is layering shirts, such as a black tank top over a white shirt. Add a thin black belt and black boots or shoes to complete the outfit.

2. Classroom Chic

An essential look for the classroom is a dress. A floral pattern is one that you should consider no matter what grade you’re teaching. Long dresses that billow at the bottom and reach to your ankles or calves are an option if you don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning or if you want to wear something simple during the day. This is also a look for days when you have special events or conferences at school.

3. Brown And Blue

Since you’re the adult in the room and a positive role model, you should wear something that does have a professional look unless it’s a fun outfit on a special day. Colors like blue and brown are ideal for the classroom because you will exhibit the look of a teacher who cares while also being able to add various accessories to your outfit for more color, such as a layered necklace or a blazer. A knee-length dress in blue with a brown belt and a tan cardigan is an option to consider at any time during the school year. Tall brown boots complete the look. If you’re wearing pants in these colors, then you want to pair them with shoes that have a low or a flat heel.

4. Going Bold

With all of the retro looks coming back into play for children and teenagers, there’s nothing wrong with trying to fit in with the crowd by wearing a few bold colors and designs as a teacher. Sometimes, these colors will keep the attention of your students more than neutral colors or those that are plain in design. A white background with teal or green and a neon accent color is an option that is fun and classy as well if you get clothing that has a professional look, such as a cardigan, skirt, or button-up shirt.

5. Adding A Jacket

An item that you want to keep in your closet is a jacket or a sweater. You can combine a neutral color with an outfit of any color with an added benefit of removing the outer layer at any time so that you’re comfortable. A knee-length skirt and white blouse work well with a blazer in a dark color. Low heels pair well with this type of outfit instead of shoes. However, if you want to have fun with a jacket or sweater, then wear it with a blouse and jeans with boots or shoes with a heel.

6. Skinny Jeans

When you look at what students wear to school, you will likely see skinny jeans in all colors. Keep a few pairs of these jeans in your closet to wear with flowing tops, polka-dot blouses, or an elegant top. Skinny jeans are a staple that are comfortable and that can be worn with any kind of top and almost any kind of shoes.

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