7 Advantages of Upgrading Your Vehicle’s Suspension

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When it comes to upgrading your vehicle, there are a number of different parts that immediately spring to mind such as the wheels. However, one of the more major aspects you should think of upgrading is your suspension.

That’s because your suspension can affect a number of different parts of your driving experience; because of that, there are a number of benefits to upgrading your suspension. A number of these can be felt straight out of the gate, so you mightn’t have to wait until your suspension has been used up before upgrading.

While there are a number of suspension components to upgrade, what you actually end up upgrading can be a personal choice and depends on what you’re looking for in a new suspension.

1- Higher Load Capacity

While this mightn’t affect everyone, it’s a definite benefit for anyone who needs to transport a decent amount of things. This kind of overloading can have a massive effect on your vehicles handling and can make for a lot of wear and tear on your car.

However, upgrading your suspension to something that can take a higher load means that you’ll drastically reduce the amount of wear and tear. On top of that, you’ll also improve your vehicles handling when it’s under a lot of weight, making for a smoother drive.

2- Better Grip & Suspension

The key function of any suspension is to maximize the amount of traction that your car gets, which ends up helping your wheels function properly. However, sometimes the suspension that the car comes with mightn’t offer the right kind of grip and traction that you’re looking for.

Because of that, an upgraded suspension will show gains in both of these areas and give you a better drive while also ensuring that your wheels last longer.

3- Better Aerodynamics

This might be the most surprising benefit to upgrading your vehicle’s suspension. However, when you’re driving it’s possible that your car can be hit by downward pressure due to how fast you’re driving. This ends up putting pressure on your suspension and affecting a number of areas.

However, many standard suspensions aren’t built to deal with too much of this downward pressure. Having said that, even a minor upgrade will end up having an effect on this and your car will end up with better aerodynamics if it’s got a better suspension.

4- Better Off Roading

Again, this isn’t something that’s going to affect everybody. Having said that, while most off-road vehicles come with decent suspensions as standard, there can be a difference between what the manufacturer believes the suspension should be and what you think.

Having said that, many standard suspensions won’t last too long off road. However, you’ll be able to purchase better suspensions that will last a lot longer and provide a better off-roading experience. This will depend on your off road driving style, however.

5- Better Road Clearance

Many manufacturers set their suspension at a certain height, and this tends to be in the same small range between all of the manufacturers. Having said that, this can often be quite low. However, an upgraded suspension will give you better road clearance, which is a massive benefit if you live anywhere with many rough roads.

6- Better Steering

While it may not be too noticeable when you’re driving, your suspension can have a major effect on your steering. Most of the time, drivers will only notice this when the suspension is becoming worn out. However, upgrading your suspension before that can have a massive effect on how easy, or difficult, it can be to steer your vehicle.

This is because your suspension keeps your wheels in proper alignment and is essential when it comes to taking turns at high speeds. This ends up ensuring that your car doesn’t turn over if you turn a corner at a higher speed than normal. This is true for most suspension upgrades on the market after you’ve already bought your car.

7- Better Bump Absorption

Nobody likes having to feel a load of bumps when they’re driving, whether it be because of a bad terrain or because of potholes. Having said that, standard suspensions only absorb a mediocre amount of these bumps, so you and your car will end up feeling the brunt of them.

However, that shouldn’t be the case when you upgrade your suspension. Many upgrades will be able to provide better bump absorption, although this will vary depending on the make. Having said that, the vast majority of suspension upgrades will provide better absorption than standard ones.

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