7 Benefits of Taking Health Supplements

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In a perfect world, your health would be guaranteed by getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated with water, and satisfying nutritional needs by consuming fruits and vegetables. 

There are a variety of reasons this perfect case scenario is not relevant to the lives of most individuals. Because of this, many people turn to health supplements to fulfill their health and nutrition needs. There are several proven benefits to be gained from adding supplements to your daily regimen. 

1- Fill Any Nutritional Gaps

Nine out of ten people are not able to satisfy their nutritional needs with the food they consume alone. Our nutritional needs change over time and are affected by appetite, age, and health conditions. Quality supplements will help you close any gaps in your nutritional needs that may exist and maintain a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients in the body.

2- Counters Nutrient Absorption Issues

Your body will begin to lose the ability to break down food and absorb nutrition as you grow older. The reason for the malabsorption is digestive enzymes used to break down the food you eat will naturally decline with age. It is possible you will take more medications as you get older. Many medications deplete the nutrients present in the body. Supplements are great for offsetting any problems caused by the inability of your body to break down the food you eat. 

3- Fights the Effects of Chemicals

Much harm comes to the body by way of pesticides used in the farming process, chemicals and metals present in the water supply, and environmental issues like pollution. Digesting these chemicals cause free radicals in the body that cause damage to the immune and digestive systems. Supplements that provide antioxidant protection against these free radicals will protect your health.

4- Provides Fuel for Exercise

If you exercise or participate in athletics, your nutritional needs will become greater than if you live a more sedentary lifestyle. Exercise depletes stored vitamins and minerals in the body by burning them as fuels. It is important to replenish these vitamins and minerals to maintain energy levels and fuel recovery in post-workout hours.

Supplements like protein powders, multivitamins, and nitric oxide boosters will all enhance your workout performance and help you to recover faster. 

5- Offsets Poor Eating Habits

Erratic patterns of eating and a diet high in processed foods can wreak havoc on your health if left unchecked. One reason for this is these habits negatively affect the digestive process and the body experiences a nutrient depletion over time. It is important to note supplements do not replace the nutrition lost by eating a poor diet. However, supplements can mitigate the damage to your body that can be caused by poor eating habits.

6- Improves Overall Health

The scientific evidence is plentiful regarding the positive effects nutritional supplementation can have on the overall health of a person. Supplementation has also proven useful at helping to manage specific health concerns. One example of this concept is the benefits Omega 3 supplements provide for individuals suffering from heart disease. Positive effects have also been gained by individuals suffering from gut health issues by supplementing with probiotics.

Supplements assure the body receives an adequate number of macronutrients. These macronutrients are excellent for disease prevention and supplementation may help you avoid spending loads of money on health care concerns.

7- Negates the Effects of Stress

Stress is bad for all the systems of the body. This fact is especially true for the digestive system. Stress causes the body to become trapped in fight or flight mode. When this happens, digestion is halted completely. Chronic stress has also been linked to low levels of energy and depletion of B vitamins in the body.

One recent study demonstrated the difference in nutrient absorption for drinkers of a green drink when in a relaxed state versus a state of stress. When relaxed, all nutrition in the drink was absorbed by the bodies of test subjects. However, the amount of nutrition absorbed from the green drink was significantly less when test subjects were stressed.

The Bottom Line

There are many factors in today’s world negatively affecting the nutrition our bodies receive. Fortunately, health supplements have proven beneficial for providing the body with nutrition and offsetting health concerns connected to nutritional deficits.

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