7 Budget-Friendly Tips For Buying New Tires

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Most people view buying tires for their vehicle as a maintenance cost. Tires are something that typically needs to be replaced every few years depending on how much use and wear and tear they receive. Unfortunately, the cost of new tires can put a dent in your finances as well. The cost of new tires will vary depending on your vehicle and the brand of tires you choose. Good, reliable tires are important for the safety of your driving experience. If you are wanting good tires that are affordable, take the following budget-friendly tips in mind when comparing tire brands and suppliers.

1- Costs May Be Negotiable

In a lot of instances, the price of your tires may be negotiable. This is often a bigger possibility when you are shopping for tires from a private seller or a local tire store. Bigger tire chains might be a little firmer on the price of their tires. However, it may still pay off to ask.

2- Warranty

Even brand-new tires can be susceptible to getting damaged. When shopping for new tires, it is imperative to ask about their warranty. If the warranty is contingent on getting them rotated after so many miles, stick to that. If you cannot stick to the details outlined in the warranty, it might be best to skip paying for it.

3- Deals On More Than One Tire

A lot of tire stores will offer discounts and deals such as buying three tires to get one free. If you are already planning to purchase all four new tires, this could be an excellent deal to take advantage of. If you are only planning to purchase one new tire, this deal might not be worth taking advantage of. Many sellers will lure in customers with their special deals but then require them to purchase an extra warranty in order to be eligible. If this is the case, your “budget” tires might end up costing a lot more than you anticipated in the first place.

4- Comparing Brands

Unless you have some top-of-the-line specialty vehicle, most brands of tires will work just fine. If you feel more comfortable going with a name brand tire, it is better to feel secure with your purchase than not in order to save a few bucks. If you ask most mechanics, they will say that different tires brands will not make a difference.

5- Buy Online

A great way to buy tires and save some money in the process is by searching for your new set online. This works best when you are planning to buy ahead of time. Obviously, buying a tire online to replace one that blew out on you is not the quickest or best way to go. Comparing different tires and deals online from different retailers is a great way to find the best price.

Keep in mind that most online orders will cost a good deal in shipping charges. If you plan to have a shop put them on, there will be costs for installation as well. Keep these extra costs in mind if you plan to purchase online. If you don’t want to buy online, tires sites are a great place to compare different brands and prices before you head out to a tire shop in your area.

6- Check Age Of Tires

The age of tires, even “new” ones, can naturally deteriorate over time. They will deteriorate even quicker when the weather is hot. The “birthday” of a tire will be indicated on the side of it. It is important to note the age of tires before you purchase them, especially from a mechanic or tire shop that might have a stock of tires sitting around. Make certain you are not being sold old tires as “new” ones. They might already be a few years old and on their way to needing replacement shortly after you have them installed.

7- Choose Correct Size

You don’t want to waste money by purchasing tires that are not the correct size for your vehicle. All replacement tires you purchase for your vehicle should be the same as what is noted in your vehicle’s door jamb or owner’s manual. Replacements should not necessarily be similar to tires that are already installed on your vehicle.

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