7 Innovative Ways to Decorate for a Valentine’s Day Party

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Valentine’s Day parties are often decorated with balloons, stuffed animals, and cut-out hearts. If you are hosting a celebration this year, dare to be different! Here are seven sweet ideas for unique Valentine’s decorations:

1. Move over, Roses!

We often associate Valentine’s Day with roses, says the flowerexpert.com. However, no rule says they can be the only flower for the holiday. If you decide to decorate your party tables with flowers, think of other seasonal beauties, such as tulips or peonies. Imagine bouquets of either of these blooms in stunning hues of red, pink, cream, or white! Add a sweet touch to your floral centerpieces by arranging them in a glass vase filled with conversational hearts, or red and white candy-covered chocolates.

2. Easy Heart Garland

Garland is the perfect accent for tables or hanging from the ceiling. Remember the cute paper chains you made as a child for Christmas decorations? You can do the same thing for Valentine’s Day—except make heart garland. Purchase some pastel-colored copier paper and cut out as many hearts as you like. Make them all different colors and sizes. Afterwards, staple or tape the hearts together in a continuous garland. Drape your DIY creation around your party tables or looped along the ceiling. The kids would love helping you with this fun decorating project.

3. Hollywood Valentine’s Day

Many Valentine’s Day celebrations are often formal occasions with a sit-down meal. This year, why not go casual and have a movie night for your guests? Decorate the room with a Hollywood theme, such as copies of iconic movie posters and garland that looks like film. Serve popcorn and candy in little bags with printed hearts, and then sit and watch everyone’s favorite romantic comedy. Afterwards, toast the evening with some pink champagne (or sparkling juice) and some fancy chocolates.

4. Tissue Pompoms

Tissue pompoms come in different sizes and colors, and are ideal decorations for a Valentine’s Day party. Choose red, white, and pink, or go with other pastel colors that you like. Group them on a string from large to small, and hang them from the ceiling. It is an inexpensive, whimsical way to make your room look festive. Use smaller tissue pompoms to arrange on the table.

5. Shabby-Chic Valentine’s Party

Do you love the shabby-chic look? While it is a popular style for autumn parties, it can also work for a Valentine’s Day celebration. Gather some clean mason jars, and paint them in muted shades of red, pink, and white. Place tea-lights in each jar and tie the tops with some twine or primitive lace. Place one on each table, or a few in the middle of a large table. Use mismatched vintage china that has roses or another pretty design. Paint strips of burlap in coordinating colors, and use it as a garland around your table. Instead of roses, try some smaller blooms like hyacinths or pastel carnations.

6. Valentine’s Day At The Diner

Red and white were iconic colors for old-fashioned American diners, so let that be your Valentine’s Day party theme. Decorate your table with classic red and white checked tablecloth, and print the meal selection like a menu. Set the table like a diner, with salt and pepper shakers, and condiment bottles. Copy free vintage-style valentines from the Internet, and set them around the room. Serve burgers, fries, and banana splits for dessert.

7. Viva la Paris!

Transport your Valentine’s Day guests to the fabulous City of Light—Paris. This continental city is synonymous with style and romance, says Wikipedia.org. Place small bouquets of red roses around the table, and use a lot of shiny glass and metallic decorations. If you cannot find a small Eiffel Tower for a centerpiece, you can always put a picture of it in a pretty frame and put it on the table. Use a simple white tablecloth, sprinkled with cut-out French phrases.

This February 14th, throw a party that all your friends and family will remember. With these tips and some imagination, your decorations can be enchanting and fun. Do not be surprised if you are asked to host again next year!

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