7 Smart Items to Always Keep in Your Apartment

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Moving into a new apartment is a stressful and exciting time. Besides the expected furniture and kitchen supplies, there are a few more things you should always have in your apartment. These are things many people don’t think about, but if you need them you will be glad they are available.

Emergency Contact List 

Everyone keeps the phone numbers of the important people in their life in their phone. But what happens if you can’t get to those numbers or are incapacitated? It is important to have a list of important numbers on paper, posted where they can be found easily, like on the refrigerator. On this list should be: your emergency contact person (parents, spouse, friend) and a secondary number in case the first person can’t be reached; the emergency number for the utility company; the number for the landlord or apartment manager; you may also want to put the number for your school or work, and any child care numbers you might need.

For emergency workers it would be helpful to have a list of any allergies or chronic illness, like diabetes, that you have. This may seem excessive and redundant, but phones get lost and break, and having these numbers at your fingertips or available to emergency services can be a life saver.

Battery Backup 

It is important to keep a battery backup system, or power bank, for your cell phone. While these are very popular for charging on the go, most people don’t think to keep one at home. They can become vitally important during power outages or severe weather events. A power bank can also help you if your wall charger breaks, until you can replace it.While you’re thinking about batteries, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a couple of 9-volt batteries around for the smoke detectors and a few for your remotes. It is recommended to replace smoke alarm batteries every 6 months, even if they’re still working.

First Aid Kit 

Whether for a small cut from a kitchen knife or an ankle sprain, having a small first aid kit is very important. A good first aid kit should include:

  • A fever reducer like aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprophen.
  • Adhesive bandages of various sizes for small cuts or scrapes.
  • Gauze pads, gauze wraps and tape for larger cuts.
  • Elastic bandage for sprains.
  • Hydrogen peroxide or another wound cleaner.

Fire Extinguisher 

If your apartment doesn’t already have one, you absolutely need a fire extinguisher. They can be purchased at almost every big box store but be sure to get a ABC fire extinguisher, to cover most types of household fires. Read the instructions and check out this page on the U.S. Fire Administration’s website for more information.Toilet Plunger 

This may seem like a completely non-essential item, but it is. There is never a good time to have a clogged toilet, but it will inevitably happen when you can’t reach the manager or maintenance man. Plunging a toilet is never going to be a fun thing, but it’s better than not having an available toilet.Extra Light Bulbs 

Even though the new types of light bulbs are designed to last longer, you should always keep a few spare bulbs around. Random accidents or bulb failures could leave you in the dark, literally.Tool Kit 

You should have a basic tool kit in your apartment, also. It doesn’t have to be fancy or extensive. A basic hammer, a flat and phillips-head screwdriver, and a pair of pliers will help you with everything from hanging a picture to assembling furniture.Though these are not things you will use every day, they are important to have around. Emergencies happen. It is always better to be prepared.

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