7 Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Patio Furniture

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After investing in expensive wooden patio furniture for your home, you will want to take proper care of it so that it lasts for a lifetime. When you consider that patio furniture is outside most of the time, you know that it is exposed to a variety of weather conditions, leading to possible damage. However, you can protect and maintain your beautiful patio furniture with these methods. 

Method 1: Protect the Wood with Sealants 

It is a good idea to buy patio furniture that already has protective sealants, but you should apply new layers of shellac or other substances each year. When you are applying any sealants, you should remove the pillows or other decorative items from the furniture first. Place plastic sheets on the ground to protect your lawn’s grass, and begin by brushing on the shellac on the bottoms of the chairs, tables and couches. After the shellac dries, you can turn the furniture over to spray or brush the shellac onto the wood on the arms, seats and backs of the chairs or chaises. 

Method 2: Check for Insect or Rodent Damage 

You should inspect the wood on the patio furniture frequently to see any insect or rodent damage. Some types of insects, rodents or wildlife animals will chew on the wood for nourishment or to have sharper teeth. If your patio furniture is being damaged by pests, then you should find ways to get rid of the vermin as quickly as possible. Remember that patio furniture that is placed directly on top of the soil and grass is more likely to have damage from vermin, so place the furniture on top of a concrete patio or wooden deck instead. 

Method 3: Washing Off the Patio Furniture 

If you live in a dusty region or have a lot of falling leaves, then the furniture’s wood can become contaminated quickly. Sitting on dirty patio furniture isn’t pleasant, but the debris such as tree sap can erode the wood of the tables, chaises and chairs. You can use a power washer and mild detergent to clean the wood of the patio on a warm day. Make sure that the wood dries quickly to prevent any moisture damage. 

Method 4: Repair Damage Quickly 

While washing the patio furniture’s wood, look for problems that require a repair. The screws, nails and other fasteners on the chairs and tables may become loose, and by making a repair, you can protect the furniture from additional damage. If any of the wood elements on the patio furniture is broken or degraded, then check the manufacturer’s warranty to determine if the company will fix or replace the item. 

Method 5: Have Pillows or Slipcovers on the Wood Patio Furniture 

When you place pillows or slipcovers on the wood patio furniture, the fabrics and fiberfill will protect the seats and backs of the chairs and couches. If someone sits on the furniture while wearing pants that have snaps or other sharp objects, then the items can damage the wood with scratches and dents. You can find an assortment of water-resistant slipcovers and pillows for patio furniture at local and online stores. 

Method 6: Clean Up Spills Right Away 

If you are having a party and a guest spills food or beverages on the wooden patio furniture, then clean up the debris right away. This can prevent damage from warping that will change the shape of the wood. In addition, it is important to remember that some substances such as sunscreen lotion have chemicals that can discolor the wood’s stain despite applying protective shellac. 

Method 7: Consider Seasonal Storage for Wood Patio Furniture 

Storing your wood patio furniture when the weather is bad is a great way to protect it from damage. If you live in an area where there is snow and ice in the winter, then store your patio furniture in a garage or basement. You can also bring the furniture into a home for extra seating during the holiday season. When you live in an area where there is severe weather such as a hurricane, remember to bring the wood patio furniture into an indoor location so that it won’t blow away.

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