7 Tips For Inspecting Your Electrical System

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The electrical system in your home is very important as it helps to ensure that you have reliable power throughout your property. While a good electrical system can last for a long time, they will require maintenance and improvements from time to time. One thing that all people must do is inspect their electrical system to ensure it is safe and working properly. There are seven tips you should follow when doing an inspection of your home electrical system.

1- Know What You Are Doing

Most importantly, when you are going to do an electrical inspection, you will need to know what you are doing. If you are new to electrical work, you should first shadow someone that will be able to inspect it for you. You should hire an electrician to shadow the first time you have it inspected. The electrician should be able to show you the key factors to look for, how to identify red flags, and how to test that it is working well. Doing this will make sure that you know what you are doing the next time you go to inspect your electrical system.

2- Safety First

If you are knowledgeable about your home electrical system, the most important thing you need to do during an inspection is to make sure you are as safe as possible. During this process, you will want to make sure that you are wearing appropriate gloves, have electrical glasses, and all of the other necessities when you are going to be examining the system. This will help to prevent injuries if something is not working right.

3- Inspect Outlets

Another thing you should do when you are inspecting your home electrical system is to inspect the outlets in your home. The outlets should be inspected to make sure they are properly grounded, are functional, do not have any cracks or other obvious defects, and have the proper tension. While outlets are important everywhere and need to be inspected, you should pay close attention to the outlets in the bathrooms and kitchens most of all.

4- Consider Age and Lifespan

When you are going through the process of examining your electrical system, you also need to make sure that you consider the age and lifespan of your electrical system. All parts of the system have a finite age in which they are safe and functional. If you are getting close to the end of the useful life for part of the system, it could be time to have them replaced. This could mean replacing just a few small parts of the system or doing a full and complete replacement.

5- Need for Expansion

As you are examining your electrical system, you should also consider your need for expansion in the future. Nowadays, many people with older homes will find that the older electrical systems are not strong enough to handle all of the electrical, appliances, and other devices that come with modern life. Because of this, it could make sense to have the electrical system upgraded. You should spend time making sure that the current electrical system is strong enough to handle your current and future needs.

6- Exterior Inspection

Much of your electrical inspection will end up being done on the inside of your home. However, there are situations in which you will need to do a big exterior inspection as well. When you own a single-family home, you will want to make sure that the electrical system entering the home is safe as well. You should make sure that the connection onto your home is safe and secure. You should also look at the electrical wires leading into the home all the way to the public transformer. If it appears that tree branches or other items are hanging over them, you should have the issue fixed immediately.

7- Wiring

You should also make sure that the wiring in your home is properly cared for. If there are exposed wires in your property, they could pose a risk and hazard. In these cases, you should make sure that they are properly addressed and cared for. This can include removing the wires entirely, having them properly connected again, or having them capped to reduce any risk.

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