8 Common Misconceptions About Drug Rehab

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Drug treatment has saved countless lives. It has also helped people get on the right track. However, there are several misconceptions about drug rehab that stop people from getting it. You need to get all of the facts before you go to drug rehab.

Myth: Drug Rehab is Not Necessary 

Fact: Many people believe that addiction is a choice. They believe that if a person has willpower, then they will be able to overcome their drug addiction. However, drug rehab is necessary because addiction is a disease. The brain sends signals that causes a person to have intense cravings. That is why it can be extremely difficult to quit unless you go to drug rehab. 

It is not a good idea for people to try to quit without professional help. They may experience intense withdrawal symptoms that can put their life at risk. 

Myth: You Need to Hit Rock Bottom 

Fact: Many people have seen television shows where the person lost everything before they went to drug rehab. However, it does not have to get to this point. In fact, it can be dangerous to do this. It is also important to note that rock bottom can be different for some people. 

Some people hit rock bottom when they end up homeless. Others hit rock bottom when they lose an important relationship. You will not have a better chance of a successful recovery if you wait until you hit rock bottom. It is much better to get help before you reach this point. 

Myth: Detox is the Only Treatment That People Need 

Fact: Detox is the first step towards getting clean. However, it is not the only treatment. Detox simply rids the body of the drug and eases the withdrawal symptoms. The purpose of drug rehab is to address what caused the addiction. If the underlying causes of the addiction are not addressed, then it will be impossible to overcome the addiction. 

Myth: Treatment is Just for Celebrities 

Fact: Drug treatment is for everyone. Addiction does not discriminate, which is why everyone will benefit from addiction treatment. It is also important to note that drug treatment is more affordable than you think. Your health insurance company may pay for your drug rehab. You may also be able to use community resources to pay for treatment. 

Myth: Going Through Rehab Will Get Rid of Any Drug Addiction 

Fact: Drug rehab can help you get off of the drug. However, drug addiction is often a lifelong struggle. You will have to continue to get help after you leave drug rehab. 

Myth: Rehab Didn’t Work Because the Person Relapsed 

Fact: Relapse rates are extremely high. However, drug rehab is still effective. Many people have to go to drug rehab several times before they are able to get free from addiction. 

Myth: Treatment Will Only Work if a Person Wants it To 

Fact: Most people do not go to the drug rehab because they want to. They have to be forced to. In many cases, family members and friends have to stage a drug intervention. The court may order that a person enroll in a drug rehab treatment center. 

Myth: Everyone Needs the Same Treatment 

Fact: There is a basic treatment plan that most drug rehab treatment centers follows. For example, people may go through detox, enter the program and get therapy. However, because everyone is different, the actual treatment plan can vary. Different substances affect the body differently, so they have to be treated differently. 

Furthermore, people have mental health problems. The mental disorder has to be treated along with the drug addiction.

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