8 Crimes to Watch Out For in New Orleans

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New Orleans is one of the most visited cities in the United States. There is little wonder why people flock to the city that’s home to Mardi Gras, jazz music, and some of the best crawfish you’ll ever taste. New Orleans, despite the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, still boasts many beautiful, scenic areas and radiance, landmarks, and so much more, like delicious foods and beautiful museums.

But, the violent crime rate in New Orleans is three times the national average while property crime rates are also significantly higher in the city than elsewhere in the United States. The city is also listed in the top 50 most violent cities in America. New Orleans visitors should concern themselves most with these two types of crimes and always go the extra mile to prevent mishaps while in town. However, if you do find yourself the victim of a crime or injury while visiting New Orleans, it is important to consult an attorney.

Common Violent Crimes in New Orleans

Many types of violent crimes are likely to occur in New Orleans, including assault and strong-armed robbery. Murder is also a crime of concern in New Orleans since the city has the highest murder rate in the United States. These are the three most common types of crimes a visitor may experience while visiting this city.

Is Terrorism a Concern in New Orleans?

Terrorism is something we don’t like to acknowledge. It’s scary to think about, but while in New Orleans, it’s important that you do put it in your mind since it is a common crime of concern in New Orleans. But, don’t worry too much because many terrorism-fighting technologies are in place throughout the city to protect everyone from threats.

Close Your Pockets

A pickpocketer is a smooth criminal and may take what you are holding in your pockets, purse, or wallet before you realize what’s happened. It’s important to be aware of pickpocketers in New Orleans and ensure that you do not become a victim. Although this is a crime that can occur anywhere in the city, it’s more common in tourist areas such as Bourban Street and The French Quarter. A pickpocketer will leave you high and dry and quickly ruin any New Orleans trip is you don’t take the steps to prevent this mishap.

Auto Theft Crimes in New Orleans

A sixth common crime to watch out for in New Orleans is vehicle theft. What could possibly ruin a trip to New Orleans faster than coming outside only to realize that your car is gone? There is a high rate of vehicle theft in the city, which occurs more frequently in the Lower 9th Ward and Mid City.

A Disheartening Crime

Rape is a major crime in New Orleans with 144 occurrences per 100,000 people compared to a 39.9 pr 100,000 people rate in the state and a 41.7 per 100,000 people national average. It is especially dangerous for women in New Orleans, who should always walk with friends or family and avoid venturing out at night.

Taking What is Not Yours

Theft is also something to watch out for while in New Orleans. There is a high theft rate in the city; anything that you own is subject to being stolen if you are in the wrong place, around the wrong people, at the wrong time. Don’t take your eyes off items such as your purse and avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you.

A Safe Trip to New Orleans

Although there are a few crimes of concern in New Orleans, using practical sense is simple and helps ensure a safe, enjoyable time in The Big Easy. Avoid unsafe areas of the city, travel in pairs, and do not flash expensive items in public to reduce your risks of becoming another victim of crime. The crimes above are among the most concerning to New Orleans patrons. Use this information to protect yourself against danger.

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