8 Important Reasons to Honor Your Pet’s Memory

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Losing a pet can be seriously difficult. It often comes with a period of grieving that can last from several weeks to many months. Human or not, someone you loved dying hurts. Therefore, you want to do all you can to pay homage to them. Here are eight important reasons to honor your pet’s memory.

1. Help You Grieve

You might feel the urge to keep your emotions bottled up. While this might seem like it’ll feel better to you than crying, it really won’t. You need to express your emotions as much as possible. Being sad and/or angry is totally normal. Letting your emotions out in a healthy way is for the best. It might not make you feel 100 percent better immediately, but it will help at least some.

2. Remember Good Times

Saying goodbye is bittersweet, but you want to do all you can to let the sweetness in. By honoring your pet’s memory, you can think about what they meant to you. We grieve so hard because we have such good memories of people when they pass. With your pet’s passing, you can remember how much they meant to see.

3. Feel Like Your Pet is There

When we remember others, it can conjure them in unique ways. They might not come back physically, but the power of memory is that it allows us to feel like they’re with us. Take the time to recollect great memories of your pet and see if it feels like they’re with you. Later on, when you feel lonely, you can use these memories to bring them back into your conscious.

4. Give a Proper Goodbye

We can use memorial services and other events as an opportunity to express a fond farewell to pets. By organizing something, you can prepare in advance to deliver a eulogy. It could be a long speech about what your pet meant to you. It could also be a tribute to them through a poem or other artform. Whatever you decide upon, you can give your pet the same love they showed you.

5. Show Your Love

You know how much you loved your pet. When they pass, you can honor their memory and show others how much you loved them. You can tell them about times you were there for one another and how you were introduced. It can make you feel so much better to realize that your love was able to lift up another species.

6. Mourn With Others

If you’re feeling sad about your pet passing, you can use this time to remember you’re not alone. Even if it was your pet, you can still grieve with others. You likely have friends who have dealt with the loss of a pet before. You can share your experience with them. If you have friends with living pets who support you, you can do the same for them when their pets die.

7. Remember How Precious Life Is

Every moment counts in life. We are often reluctant to think about death, but it’s inevitable. Because people live longer than most pets, you can use this as an opportunity for self-reflection. How did your pet make the most of their life? While we have more responsibilities than animals, we can still learn from them about how to be hopeful and optimistic.

8. Keep Hope Alive

If you believe in an afterlife, the loss of your pet is just a temporary separation, rather than a permanent absence. When you honor their memory, you can remind yourself how close you are to seeing them again. If you believe this is the end, you can still be filled with good feeling from the memories you have associated with them.

Pets have such an impact on our lives. Whether it’s a dog, cat, rodent, lizard, fish, bird or other species, your animal’s passing can be deeply sad. By honoring your pet’s memory, you might still feel sad. However, you can know that you’re spreading joy in the world, even in this time of grief. Make the most of your memories with your beloved pet.

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