8 Myths About Medical Cannabis Broken Down

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Medical cannabis is legal in 32 states. Despite the fact that medical marijuana is legal in most places, it is still controversial. Much of the controversy revolves around the myths surrounding medical cannabis. 

Myth: Medical Cannabis is Addictive 

Fact: Anything that you use can potentially become addicted. In fact, things like surfing the internet and drinking the coffee can become addictive. However, these things are not as addictive as nicotine and cocaine. There was a study done by the University of California at San Francisco. The researchers ranked the most addictive substances. 

The levels of dependency and withdrawal were measured to determine how addictive the substances were. Marijuana ranked lowest on the list. You are more likely to be addicted to caffeine than medical marijuana. Furthermore, your chance of overdosing on medical marijuana is extremely low. 

Myth: Medical Cannabis is a Gateway Drug for Opioid Use 

Fact: Many people who are against medical cannabis believe that it is a gateway drug. They also believe that people who use cannabis are more likely to use opioids. However, studies have shown that there is no truth to this myth. In fact, one study showed the opposite. 

A team of researchers from Britain and America found that increasing access to medical cannabis lead to a decline in opioid overdoses. 

Myth: Medical Cannabis Does not Have any Benefits 

Fact: There have been many studies done to show that medical cannabis has a number of amazing health effects. It can alleviate nausea and vomiting. It can also alleviate pain. Furthermore, medical cannabis may prevent the spread of cancer. 

Myth: Medical Marijuana Will get You High 

Fact: CBD and THC are the two main ingredients in marijuana. THC is what gets you high. Most medical marijuana contains little or no THC. CBD does not bind to the same receptors in the brain as THC. That is why it does not have the same effects. 

Myth: You Have to Smoke Medical Marijuana 

Fact: If you smoke cannabis, then you will quickly get the effects of it. However, this is not the only way that you can experience the benefits from it. There are a variety of ways that you can consume it. You can use cannabis oil. You can also vaporize it. Additionally, you can eat foods that contain cannabis. 

Myth: Medical Cannabis Kills Brain Cells 

Fact: Cannabis does not kill brain cells. In fact, medical cannabis has antioxidants that protect the brain cells. There has also been evidence to suggest that medical cannabis has compounds that may promote the growth of new brain cells. 

Myth: Doctors do not Support Medical Cannabis Use 

Fact: More physicians are recommending medical cannabis to treat various illnesses. In fact, many doctors who were previously against medical cannabis now support it. One of those doctors is Sanjay Gupta. He released a documentary in 2013 called “Weed”. 

Doctors are not the only ones who support medical marijuana usage. Ninety percent of Americans believe that medical marijuana should be legal if it is used if it done under the supervision of a professional. 

Myth: Medical Marijuana Should not be Used by Children and Teens 

Fact: Children and teens can use medical marijuana when it is done under the supervision of a doctor. A physician may recommend medical marijuana to a teen or child who has nausea or seizures. Doctors recommend medical marijuana when they know that it will improve a teen’s or child’s quality of life. 

It is important to remember that medical marijuana is not a dangerous drug. It allows people to get relief from their symptoms while improving their quality of life. 

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