8 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Groups

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People who run a nonprofit, school or parent-teacher organization are usually aware of how challenging it can be to raise money for their cause. There are many unique ideas that you probably haven’t considered in order to inspire people to contribute. Here are 8 ideas for your next fundraising event.

1. Shoe drive

These events are easy to do and there is virtually no upfront cost to kick it off. Shoe drives not only bring in money for your cause, but they also help people clean out their cluttered closets. Simply send out a request to people in the community to drop off pairs of shoes that they no longer want. This also adds some purpose to the life of an old pair of shoes that might otherwise have ended up in the trash dumpster. 

2. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a rapidly growing phenomenon in the age of the internet. There are various websites that make it very easy to set up your own crowdfunding campaign. This is advantageous for organizations that don’t have the capital to set up full-scale traditional fundraisers. 

What is crowdfunding? It could mean a lot of different things, but it generally refers to fundraising that is conducted online through a public platform. People can use various methods to accomplish this such as social media or websites that specialize in crowdfunding. The difference between this method and traditional fundraising is people will use peer-to-peer systems such as email or messaging to donate rather than sending checks in the mail or donating over the phone. 

3. T-shirt sale

This idea basically entails creating T-shirts with your organization’s logo or slogans and selling them for fundraising purposes. This not only supports your cause, but it also increase brand awareness and enhances your organization’s image. It doesn’t need to cost much to promote the sale. You can simply send word out on social media or contact the people on your email subscriber list. When people own these shirts, they will have continuous reminders of how they helped the community and how important your cause is, so they will be more likely to give in future drives.

4. 5K race or walk

This is a unique event that the whole family can partake in, plus it helps improve people’s health. Participants pay a fee to participate, which goes to support the charity. Local companies can sponsor the event, and they can benefit by putting their logo on T-shirts worn by participants. This also provides incentive to runners because they will receive a new shirt for their efforts. An event like this could also be enhanced by live music, food vending and a shoe drive that can provide even more revenue for the cause. 

5. Car smashing event

This can be a very fun event for young people, as it allows them to unleash their pent-up aggression on an old, obsolete vehicle. You can obtain a vehicle from the local junkyard. Have all participants wear safety glasses and other gear. A mechanic will need to remove dangerous parts. Participants could be charged for sledgehammers or metal bats. You could also charge a fee per swing or per minute of mayhem. There are many ways to monetize this event, and it’s a great deal of fun as long as safety is observed and no one gets hurt. 

6. Talent contest

Local performers will be happy to participate in this event. It can also provide a venue of exposure for up-and-coming artists and bands. 

7. Car wash

A group of energetic teenagers is sure to attract a lot of drive-up traffic. A hand car wash is a great way for people to clean their cars, and it makes people feel good to help their local school or charity. To enhance the event, you could have people dress in funny costumes. 

8. Chili cook-off

Lots of people are eager to show off their cooking skills or share their grandma’s famous recipe. You’ll need a panel of judges, and you can charge a registration fee for people entering the contest. You could also sell food portions to people who would like to sample a variety of different styles of chili.

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