9 Care Tips for Retractable Awnings

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With summer just around the corner, everyone looks forward to enjoying sunshine and warm weather in their backyard. Investing in a retractable awning can be a convenient option when the heat becomes unbearable. However, homeowners still need to know the maintenance and care that their retractable awnings might need. These are incredible tips to keep a retractable awning functional and beautiful throughout the warm months.

Check Frames for Rust

A retractable awning can still develop problems even with all preventive measures in place. As such, it is crucial to check its frame often to scrape off any rust that might have built up. It might be necessary to keep an eye on other critical issues that might cause downtimes such as mold growth or jamming mechanism.

Remove Vegetation

Experts recommend trimming any vegetation near the retractable awning. Creeping vines can not only restrict the operations of a retractable awning, but some plants produce harmful chemicals that might damage its mechanism and fabric. It might be wise to work with a professional retractable awning care service for it to function at its optimal level.


Though cleaning a retractable awning may seem like it’s a tedious and time-consuming task, it is a quick and straightforward way to keep it functioning at its best. Use a garden hose to clean the awning and let it dry before you use it again. You can add a little mild soap if the canopy is still dirty even after spraying it with water.

Proper Handling

Of course, handling a retractable awning with care is essential for its functionality. Whether a homeowner is retracting or extending their canopy, it should be handled gently and with care. Its fabric should not unroll or roll from the tube top for the best results.

Keep it Dry

Your awning can collect heavy dew or rainwater, and that moisture can stretch the fabric or cause discoloration. The worst is that it can become a breeding ground for insects and molds. As such, experts recommend retracting a new retractable awning before the winter hits to protect the health of your family.

Inspect the Hardware and Joints

Of course, it is crucial to pay attention to the hardware and joints when setting up the awning. You might have to listen to kinks or squeaks in the poles. However, sometimes the wind can keep opening and closing the canopy and create curls that make it not line up correctly. Finding the cause of these squeaks as well as any other subtle bend can help maintain the performance of your awning.

Brushing off the Dust

You can use a broom to remove any debris or dirt in the joints of your retractable awning. Debris and dust often strip the paint off the retractable awning and can also grind its hardware. Allowing dust and debris to crush the structure of the canopy can be a threat to its functionality, as rust can start to form.

Set it up

Experts recommend setting up a manual or automatic awning before using it. Setting up or extending a retractable awning during off seasons can help blend the hardware and maintain its performance throughout the seasons. Experts recommend setting up and testing a retractable awning for mechanical and visual efficiency at least once a month.

Check for Tears and Canvas Flaws

It might be necessary to fix the retractable awning that has started to fray before strong winds strip the canvas and tear them off. You may have to buy a new canopy when this happens, but this may be costly. You can use clear fingernail polish to apply to the frayed or ripped surface to protect the canvas from further wear and tear.

Preventative maintenance is critical to extending the life a retractable awning. Of course, the goal of every homeowner is to save as much money on the upkeep of their shelter as they can. Preventative maintenance is simple to implement on any retractable awning and can help a homeowner save millions of dollars and troubles down the road. Everyone wants to care for their retractable awning so that it can provide a versatile and affordable way to enjoy the summer in their backyard.

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