9 Tips for Caring for Your Lawn During the Summer

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Perhaps relaxing outside in extreme summer heat makes you uncomfortable. That extreme heat may as well have adverse effects on your lawn. Unbearable and lack of adequate water supply may wreak havoc on a yard. However, homeowners can take a few precautions to make sure that their gardens are stress-free during the summer. Here are some of the incredible tips for caring for a lawn during hot summer months.

Limit Watering

People continue to water their gardens even after a torrential downpour. Research claim that grass grows faster when the soil is dry than when wet. Keeping your garden wet all the time can cause problems for both soil organisms and flowers as well. Moist soil also makes plants susceptible to diseases and deprives roots enough oxygen. As such, try to avoid watering the garden daily, and instead, water it only once per week.

1/3 Rule

Experts recommend homeowners to try to stick to the rule of 1/3 when cutting their grass. It discourages the removal of more than 1/3 of plants with the same height at the same time. Sticking to this rule ensures that a lawn stays cool and flourishing because only a few plants are removed at the same time. It also allows a garden to avoid stress and thrive.

Avoid Cutting too Short

The ability of plants in a garden to produce energy for growth is likely to drop when they are cut too short. However, trimming them to the recommended height will foster root development and allow for more anchorage and support. Plants that are trimmed to the right height also tend to be tolerant of stress than shorter ones.

Avoid Mowing in Drought

Never attempt to mow a garden in a drought. Gardens may take a while to recover when you harvest in drought and implications may even be dire. Instead, try to mow the lawn after irrigation or rainfall. However, try not to mow the garden when the grass is still wet as this can cause clumping. 

Traffic Minimization

Foot traffic on already weak plants can weaken them even further and make it hard for them to spring back. As such, try to minimize traffic to the garden as much as you can. Instead, consider laying stepping stones so that you and your kids don’t walk on the grass.

Avoid Fertilizer

While applying fertilizer to a garden may seem like the best practice, try to avoid it during the summer months. Plants tend to consume more energy than they produce during the summer. Applying fertilizer to a garden will make plants use even more energy, which will ultimately cause more stress on an already taxed lawn. The best time to apply fertilizer to a yard is in the fall during winter preparations. 

Mower Blades Sharpening

Plants tend to heal faster when they are cut with a sharp mower blade. Instead of cutting the plant tissue, dull mower blades will tear it, causing more damage and stress on already taxed grass. Torn plants will develop a brown appearance, which is highly susceptible to summer stress and disease.

Pest Control 

Diseases and pests are more prevalent during hot months than cold months. Sod webworms, fleas, army warms, and chinch bugs are some of the common lawn pests during summer. Fungal diseases that are common in the summer include brown patch and mildew. However, people can avoid fungus and pests by watering their gardens early in the morning instead of the evening. Consider applying fungicide in the evening after the extreme heat is gone.

Work with a Professional Lawn Care Service

Professional lawn care companies are experienced in lawn management and will carry out a free lawn care assessment to determine the needs of your garden. Lawn care professionals will also assist you in creating a schedule service plan that will help make your garden healthier and greener than ever. Some of the services to expect from a professional lawn care service include aeration, lawn pest control, disease control, weed control, shrubs and trees care, and fertilization. Summer lawn care is about maintaining a garden that can withstand high foot traffic, parties, games, and barbecues that hot summer months have to offer.

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