9 Tips For Encouraging Your Employees To Stay Healthy

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Health is a golden thing. If you manage or own a company, you want your employees to become healthy and stay in good health. One way to do so is by finding ways to encourage employees to do activities that will help them embrace healthy habits.

1- Adopting a Dog

Dogs can serve as companion animals and keep people company when they’re lonely. A dog can also make people feel part of a family unit. Tell employees about local adoption events. They’ll save a life and find a friend.

2- Annual Checkups

Annual checkups are a good idea. This is an excellent way to spot specific health problems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed or ignored. Early treatment can provide good outcomes. Company employees should be given specific help during the checkup in order to think about ways they can improve their health. For example, if a certain type of cancer runs in their family, they can get tested for that cancer more often.

3- Avoid Smoking or Quitting Smoking

Smoking impacts all areas of the body from the brain to the bones. Employees who smoke tend to take more time off and chronic health problems. Smoke from tobacco can also linger in the furniture and other items where smokers congregate and give off dangerous gases. Smokers are also more likely to give birth to premature babies. Give your employees the tools to help them quit permanently.

4- Balancing Work and Downtime

Employees who can find a balance between their work and their leisure time are employees who are likely to find it easier to reduce their stress. This can make them feel happier, healthier and better able to tackle big projects with ease. Help employees by providing them with paid time off and not asking them to work overtime unless it’s necessary.

5- Company Camaraderie

Think of ways to make people feel part of an overall team with a common goal. When people feel valued, they tend to feel part of something that matters to them. They also feel that the work they do has meaning for others and makes the world a better place. Employees who respect the people they work with are also likely to stay on the job longer and find more satisfaction in their work.

6- Charity Efforts

Giving back to the community helps people feel connected with others around them. Offer employees an opportunity to participate in charity events each month. Let them take time off to be a Big Brother or read to children at the library. Charity efforts help increase the public’s admiration for the company at the same time.

7- A Flu Shot

Flu shots have many benefits. An annual flu shot can help protect employees from getting sick with the flu. It also helps prevent them from spreading the disease to others. Flu shots are a low-cost health measure that can pay off in big dividends. Consider bringing in a nurse to deliver the flu shots onsite or think about paying for the shot as part of the employee’s benefits package.

8- Getting up and Moving

Exercise has many well-known health benefits. Sitting for a long time can lead to all sorts of potentially dangerous side effects. Employees should be encouraged to get up and move around at least once an hour. Provide workers with ten-minute breaks. This way, they can stand up and encourage the blood flow to all their limbs. If possible, think about ways to encourage employees to work out. Provide them with discounts to a local gym can help them get in a swim each day before heading to work.

9- More Fruits and Vegetables

A varied diet composed of many types of fruits and vegetables has many well-known benefits. If you have a company cafeteria, provide low cost fruit and vegetables with each meal. Fruits like bananas and oranges will keep and add something fresh to every meal. Vegetables are easy to bring into the space and can be used in many ways such as sauces and sides. Think about ways to help employees eat healthy when they’re at home. A nutritionist can offer classes to employees in order to help them learn how to prepare healthy meals at home.

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