Ace the MCAT With These 7 Trusted Tips

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The MCAT, otherwise known as the medical college admissions test, is a required exam taken by prospective medical students. This exam is widely considered to be one of the most difficult entrance exams in the world. Not only does it test your knowledge, but it also tests your endurance; as there are 230 questions on the MCAT. Fortunately, there are several proven study tips you can use to ace the MCAT.

7. Start Preparing Early

The last thing you want to do with the MCAT is to start preparing when it’s already too late. Often, students believe they can put off the MCAT until the last second, neglecting to prepare. This is ill-advised, as the MCAT tests you in various subject matters. Additionally, the MCAT requires you to know extremely specific details, ones that you can’t learn by cramming. In general, you should start seriously preparing for the MCAT 12 weeks before the test date. Look to study for six to eight hours five to six days a week.

6. Find How You Study Best

The MCAT is a unique exam, meaning you can’t approach it like you would approach a regular college exam. As you start studying for this test, try to find the method of learning that is best for you. A few study tips to consider include:

  • Do I learn better studying by myself or with a study group?
  • Do I learn best by writing reading, writing, or watching videos?
  • What tactics allow me to memorize difficult concepts?

Finding the answers to these questions will be highly beneficial as you quest to conquer the MCAT. Your text to link…

5. Take As Many Practice Exams As Possible

Another key to success on the MCAT is taking frequent practice exams. Practice exams give you a taste of what the real exam will be like. Most importantly, they allow you to focus on time-management. The “gold standard” for practice tests are official AAMC practice tests. Outside of these, look to purchase practice tests from several other reputable sites. If you follow a 12-week schedule, you should aim to take six to eight practice tests total.

4. Focus On High-Yield Topics

Although the MCAT often focuses on specific details, it is valuable to focus on the bigger concepts. Before you begin to tackle specific details, always be sure to learn high-yield, fundamental topics. This will set the foundation for your skills in other subject areas.

3. Create Well-Organized Notes

Whichever form of note-taking you use, be sure that you are consistently taking notes. At many points, there will be concepts that you don’t understand at first. Rather than panicking, write these concepts down. Emphasizing good note-taking will help you learn more information as you prepare for the MCAT.

2. Be Sure To Review Properly

One of the most important components of achieving success on the MCAT is reviewing. In particular, you should always be sure to review any mistakes that you’ve made. Look through past notes and search for areas where you can improve. Before you leave that topic, make sure that you’re able to explain it in-depth.

1. Maintain Balance

Finally, many students burn themselves out before they take the MCAT. Make sure that you carve out time to participate in fun activities. Although the MCAT should be taken seriously, you must be sure to have balance. An excellent way to do this is by creating a schedule. This will allow you to stay focused throughout your studying process. We recommend taking one to two days off every week to decompress. Your text to link…

Hopefully, this guide has been useful as you prepare for the MCAT. If your MCAT test date is rapidly approaching, use these seven tips to achieve a score to be proud of.

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