Cracking The IT Job Market

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The hidden IT job market includes all jobs that are not being publicly advertised. These are the type of jobs that are often given to the insiders or those looking for promotions within their current company. The good news is that unlike online job boards such as Monster and LinkedIn, you will not have to be a perfect skill match to get the job you want. College degree and age are negotiable for the hidden market positions.

According to professional job finder, Lou Adler, those seeking hidden IT jobs should be spending almost 80% of their time searching for keys to get in the back door of companies they are interested in working for. Oftentimes, people get the jobs they desire by talking to real people, especially people who are on the payroll of the company you like.

When implementing a hidden job market search, IT professionals will have a natural advantage over everyone else because of their skills. IT skills are highly marketable and in-demand for a variety of professions. If you have not had a job for a long time, your best bet is to start with consulting gigs.

How To Perform an IT Hidden Job Market Search

Before getting started, it is important to remember that you can do it successfully. The key is to not be overly intimidated. You should remind yourself you are very marketable and your career is in-demand. Also, do not give up so easily. Finding a good, hidden job will take patience and time. If you get stuck for too long, consider hiring a coach to help you along the way.

1. Marketing brand

Figure out what skills you have that you can do exceptionally better than most anyone else. This will be your main selling point. Many people can do a variety of things well, but to put yourself ahead of the competition, you will need to market yourself as a specialist for a specific skill.

2. Target IT Job To Pursue

The next step is to identify which job you will want to actively pursue. Decide on the industry, function and title.

3. Search Plan

Determine what your geographic boundaries are. You may not want to leave your city or state to find your perfect IT job. Even if you can perform your job online, starting your search closer to home is optimal. This can allow you the ability to meet people you work with face-to-face easier.

4. Research Company

Define the basic criteria you want a potential company to meet. Include the size, its products and services, revenue and number of employees. Compile a list of at least 10 companies to target before you get started.

5. People Research

This is where you will turn into a recruiter for yourself. Compile a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses for your target companies. As a rule of thumb, only contact employees for a company that is at least two positions higher than your desired position.

6. Draft An Awesome Resume

When performing a hidden IT job search, your resume is going to have to be much better than ordinary resumes. It needs to be able to give a positive and immediate impact on the recipient.

When you first jump into trying to crack the hidden IT job market, it may seem impossible to find the job you want. It is important to keep at it and never give up. You will adjust to the search in no time.

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