How To Design An Effective Marketing Mailout

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Long before the internet came along and changed marketing forever, people looked forward to finding direct mail marketing materials in their mailboxes. Whether it was a coupon for a free pizza or a notice about an upcoming holiday sale, consumers never knew what they would find next when their mailman made his delivery. However, while times have changed and businesses rely on social media and their websites to attract customers, there is still an important role direct mail marketing materials can play in the success of many businesses. From a small local restaurant to a large car dealership, a direct mail marketing campaign can pay big dividends in the long run. To learn more about how to design an effective marketing mailout that will get the attention of potential customers, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Make the Mailer Useful

Along with spreading the message about your upcoming sale or giving the recipient a coupon for a free meal or product, most marketing experts recommend also making your mailer useful in some way. By doing so, you’ll not only keep the person’s attention long enough to have your mailout read, but they will also have incentive to keep your advertisement around for a while on their refrigerator or elsewhere. For example, some businesses send a calendar with their mailer, while others may make their advertisement part of a notepad. By doing so, they keep a person’s interest longer than simply sending a piece of paper alone, which may quickly get tossed in the trash.

Include Product Samples

Especially useful for such products as makeup, certain types of foods, office supplies, and other products, including product samples in a direct mail marketing mailer can almost always guarantee your envelope will be opened. And according to many marketing experts, making the envelope as lumpy as possible will increase the chances even more of the envelope being opened. By doing so, you will peak the curiosity of the person holding the envelope in their hand, and they simply won’t be able to resist opening it to see what’s inside. In fact, based of numerous marketing research studies, lumpy envelopes are opened almost 100 percent of the time, so don’t pass up this effective marketing tool.

Use a Stamp On Your Envelope

While this sounds simple enough, researchers have noted that if you use a stamp on your direct mail marketing envelope, it greatly increases the chances of it being opened. Since most people can tell if an envelope is part of a mass-mailing, they tend to toss these in the trash upon receipt, usually unopened. However, if your envelope appears to have come from a person and looks more personal, recipients tend to feel obligated to open it up to take a look at what’s inside. In addition to the stamp, also try to use a font on the outside of the envelope that resembles handwriting, rather than something that’s been typed. Just like anything else in life, the personal touch often works wonders, so give it a try.

Tap Into Your Creativity

When designing your marketing mailout, don’t hold back when it comes to your creativity. In fact, the more creative you are, the better response you’re likely to get from your customers. And when it comes to sending out your marketing materials, be willing to try anything that shows you’re willing to think outside the box now and then. For example, some companies have sent their customers a message in a bottle, telling them of upcoming sales or exciting changes the company will be making in the upcoming months. By capturing the attention of their customers with this unique idea, a company virtually guarantees those receiving their mailer will walk through their doors at some point.

By not being afraid to try new and innovative ideas with your direct mail marketing materials, you have an opportunity to set your business apart from other competitors. In doing so, your efforts are sure to be rewarded with greater profits as well as many satisfied customers.

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