How to Combat Wrinkles in Every Decade of Life

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It’s no secret that most of us want to appear ageless forever in a healthy, natural way. The best method for achieving that is through a proper skin care routine that fights wrinkles every day and delivers a clear, radiant complexion.

If you can begin the anti-wrinkle regimen early, then all the better, but there is value in every decade if you first follow some universal rules by skin care experts.

Retinoids, The Gold Standard

To maintain a youthful complexion where the skin remains taut and wrinkles barely noticeable, you need to get to the core of the matter for true skin care repair and rejuvenation.

Dr. Joel L. Cohen, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Colorado, told The New York Times that Retin-A, a prescription drug, is the best cream on the market. “I can’t say there’s anything on the horizon that will rival Retin-A.”

Cohen says that the vitamin-A derivative, a retinoid, is extremely effective and has been well-studied over the decades. “It actually works to remodel skin on a cellular level,” he says.

If your complexion is too sensitive for Retin-A, then retinol is a less potent and gentler form of Retin-A to add to your skin care arsenal. It has strong science to support its effectiveness and is sold over-the-counter.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

We’ve all been schooled about doing everything in moderation, and there is definitely truth to that when it comes to wrinkles. Skin care experts warn about smoking and too much alcohol.

When you light up a cigarette, blood flow to the skin becomes compromised. Nicotine stops your skin from absorbing enough oxygen and important nutrients such as vitamin A.

Dr. Milton Moore, a Houston-based dermatologist, told the HuffPost that every puff you take is aging your complexion and causing premature wrinkles.

Drinking alcohol is okay in moderation, but don’t overdo the cocktails or beer. When you drink alcohol, your body tissues and skin are dehydrated. That, in turn, causes premature aging of the skin like wrinkles.

Here are more anti-wrinkle tips:

In Your 20s. At this age, skin is supple and moist. Invest in a good mild cleanser (Cetaphil). Wear sunscreen, and if acne is present, Retin-A can get rid of it. Begin an eye cream early on. Wrinkles first appear around the eyes because of its thin, delicate skin.

In Your 30s. Fine lines start to make their presence, so you can begin a tougher regimen. Try products that contain hyaluronic acid for moisture and collagen-boosting action. You can exfoliate more to get rid of dead skin cell build-up. A chemical peel is excellent for improving skin tone and softening fine lines.

In Your 40s. Your skin is thinner now and could really benefit by Retin-A or retinol to begin speeding up cell turnover and keeping collagen fibers taut. Go easy when beginning a retinoid. Over-use can cause blotchiness and dry skin. Retinoids work gradually but are ideal for the long-term.

Moisturize your neck and decollete. These areas of the body also need skin care TLC.

In Your 50s. As menopause kicks in, there’s a decrease in your body’s production of estrogen and progesterone. Your skin needs moisture and rebuilding action. Retin-A and retinol are the best products available, but don’t forget to invest in a good moisturizer and SPF to wear during the daytime.

A cleanser with alpha/beta hydroxy acids remove impurities and dead skin cells and can help soften fine lines.

In Your 60s And Beyond. Post-menopause also means thin, dry skin and possibly added sensitivity. Continue your Retin-A routine and sunscreen. Avoid washing your face in hot water. Lukewarm is better. Have moisture-enriched facials to seal in hydration. Look for moisturizers containing ceramides that occur as a natural lipid component in the skin. Ceramides create a barrier to protect skin.

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