How-to Create a Wine Bottle Label Design

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Wine bottle labels are most commonly designed by wineries when a new vintage is produced, but many individuals may also need to design a wine bottle label. For example, customized wine bottles may be used as a complimentary wedding gift to guests. Regardless of why you are creating a new wine bottle label, you understandably want it to be attractive and to convey meaning to your customers, guests or other people. While designing a customized wine bottle label may seem relatively simple to some people, the reality is that many factors must be considered in order to create the best label possible for your wine bottles. Focus on these steps so that you can walk through the label design process more easily.

Research the Psychology of Color

You may be aware that colors impact emotions in various ways. While the psychology of colors may be most well-known in the realm of decorating a home, it also plays a major role in marketing and advertising. For example, the prolific use of green on a label may subconsciously indicate that a product is healthy, or it may create a calming effect. The use of red on a wine label may indicate intensity, passion or energy. Because your selection of colors on the label itself as well as on the print can affect the customer or recipient dramatically, the colors should be carefully selected based on the emotional impact you want the wine to have on customers or gift recipients. It may also be based on the emotions that are linked to your winery’s brand.

Incorporate Your Logo Creatively

Regardless of whether you are creating a wine label for personal use or for commercial distribution, your label must have a logo on it. For personal use, this logo could simply be the bride and groom’s name and wedding date written in ornate font. For commercial use, the logo should be the same one used for your winery. You may already have a logo prepared, and you may simply need to strategically place it on the label in a bold fashion. Otherwise, you will need to create your own logo or hire a professional to design a logo for you.

Select Your Materials Thoughtfully

There are many unique materials that you can use to print labels. The most basic material is a plain white sticker label with minimal gloss. Generic variations of this often include the use of difficult colored sticker labels. The label may also be printed on high-gloss or textured stickers. The sticker may have a decorative edge or may be embossed. Printing effects may also be used, such as with raised lettering, metallic elements and more. In some cases, creative use of or more of these various ideas may compensate for a rather plain logo design.

Choose Your Printing Method

The final step to take is to select a printing method. Many home printers have the capability of printing high-quality labels on standard stock, but professional printing services may be required if you are using specialty stock. If you are printing commercial labels for retail distribution of wine bottles, professional printing is the typical method. Keep in mind that specialty stock used for labels as well as special printing techniques may dramatically increase the overall per-unit cost of your wine bottle labels.

Designing your own label is an effective way to brand your winery and to make your product more appealing on the market. It is also essential if you plan to give personalized wine bottles to others as a special gift. By walking through these steps, you can create a stunning wine bottle label that perfectly meets your unique needs.

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